Places and Spaces Episode 2 Week 6 from Classic Upward Bound

One of the most challenging aspects of COVID during the Classic Upward Summer 2021 was the inability to hear some of the most telling dialogue when we podcasted.

This episode segment, segment 2, I have listed to and edited at least 20 times and still fall short of getting it accurate, however, it is one of the most valuable insights I heard with this experience and no matter what, it is worth keeping.

Below is the dialogue I saved, and tried to transcript as best as I could:

We continue with an informative and telling reality of what is accessible and what is not thanks to Kamira’s honest reaction to a previous issue we discussed on how community often is not open and welcoming to some individuals and can be isolating.  Her view point is so valuable!    Parts you might not be able to hear, as I edited MUCH out already, but it was vital to keep what is here, so below is the transcript, as close as I can get it, to her reaction.

“People having centers for common interests like in youth centers, like the YMCA

That is one of the things out here we do not have anything like that

If it is we have to afford it and go out and find it like swimming pools and so something like bring a lot of that optimism- out – because people from different backgrounds could all be at that one place with a common interest like a positive from a common community center

The YMCA has become like a membership with fees –

Back when we were growing up it was like a community place where everything was free and activities were free for kids and __________________ but now it is geared towards supporting the higher income people instead of free for everyone so that is where that has shut off for others.

Kids my age had spent the summers there but it was very expensive

If you do not have insurance, or healthcare and stuff, it is expensive, like 120.00 a week.

And the age stops at 12.

The kids that need a place to go most, don’t.”

I waled away yet again hearing in my head what many say is the reality, and hearing the reality that students feel as they walk among their communities. I see, feel, and hear a big disconnect and feel there needs to be greater strides to bridge the spaces that exist.

This second episode to me is, despite the hard to hear message, when analyzed, is a powerful message worth getting to the bottom of.


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