Reflecting on today’s book talk, I went back to editing and publishing the first episode, of the LAST week of the Classic Upward Bound’s podcast – Week 6 – of transforming their community.

This episode one, you realize that at first, students are hesitent to jump in – I contribute this to the year in reflection we have just been through, as well as how often students and youth and not allowed to be at the table of important decision making and ideas that impact their community.

I hope you also pick up on that in this first episode and see how this progresses as we work through subsequent episodes for this last week where so many students sacrificed their summers to be part of a better future.

We used the following sources to enhance the conversation during this podcast:

ACES scores

Episode 1 – Week 6 of Classic Upward Bound – Georgetown Campus, Delaware.

LOVE the reference to Cops and Goblins in this podcast.

Week 6!


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