“America’s genius has been nurtured by nature.”

Where can discussing Last Child in the Woods take you? Everywhere!

Saturday, August 28, 2021

Dear “Community Leader”,

“We understood the laws of physics long before we took the class!” – Last Child In the Woods

As a member of the Nanticoke River Watershed Conservancy, a Library Media Specialist, former English teacher, and Cross Country Coach, the outdoors is one of the most underutilized resource that can be crucial in stirring excitement in what the word education means.

This past summer, Math and Science Upward Bound students explored the connection between Math, Science, Literature, and the environment around them.  Here is a link to a small sample of their discoveries:

Out of this amazing summer, students created the start of a current in-session community book talk that is in its second week (and yes, if you would like to be involved, we would LOVE to have you!)  Here are just a few references and connections we have made in the first two weeks:


To the point, as a member of the NRWC, while many individuals in authority do not see the increases, we as members and also the public notice these numbers increasing just at our Chapel Branch Nature Trail site on Woodland Road:

April 1,834     May 1,531    June 814     July 2,145    August( looks to be a record)

Not receiving funding from Sussex County is understandable in the respect that if you are not familiar with these numbers, the trail itself, or the amazing connections made, then one would question what importance and value this and other protected areas have.  However, the countless projects, connections, and ties to education we have made with so many of all ages, as well as serving as a refuge for so many, justify the need for support in funding to launch new educational, environmental, and community initiatives we want to use to tie education to the communities around us.

We need your support, we would like an opportunity to explain the reason these numbers are spiking, and the concrete results of what we have done with the many volunteers and limited resources we have been dealt the last few years, in order to have the whole community realize the treasures we protect, in their “own back yard!” 


Harry R Brake

Nanticoke River Watershed Conservancy Outreach Volunteer

Woodbridge High Library Media Specialist and Cross Country Coach

Harry.brake@gmail.com     harrybrake.com    harry.brake@wsd.k12.de.us


About Harry Brake

Employee of Woodbridge High School, Library Media Specialist, Media crazy! :)
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