Dear Candice Ridenour,

(Royal Farms District Leader)

Wow, thanks so much!  I met a young man tonight, at the same Royal Farms location, his name was Trey.  I felt AWFUL for him, there was a SEA of garbage all over the lot and he had already two bags of garbage and was going after all he could gather.  I approached him and told him about my comment a week or so ago, and told him I appreciated what he was doing, as it was awful and crazy to have that much garbage all over the lot.  He stated this is ridiculous and he is ABSOLUTELY right, that much garbage being left on the concrete and grounds of Royal Farms when there are garbage cans, truly it will burn out the employees you have and I sympathize.

Please pass on to Trey that I noticed his efforts, I am writing a letter to the editor of the Seaford Star as well as posting on my blog as well, that will highlight how great you and Trey were in relating to this feedback and I appreciate your concern and time you took to reach me.  Trey, despite facing an onslaught of garbage, was methodically taking care of the all the mess, but honestly, he should not have to be responsible for the laziness and disregard for the Royal Farms property with that much garbage.  People that frequent Royal Farms need to also help to make this an easier process and I am going to highlight that.  Please pass on to Trey what a noticeable job he was doing and he was not taken for granted! 
Thanks so much!

The above letter was a followup to a comment I sent to Ms. Ridenour two weeks ago, I was at the Royal Farms on the Main Street of Seaford, it was super early, around 7:00 AM, and there was lot of noticeable garbage all over the concrete pad and it was alarming, that early and it, along with several all concerning aspects were part of that letter I sent to Royal Farms.

Within one day I received feedback from Ms. Ridenour and she was gracious, concerned, and attentive to letting know things needed to be addressed regarding what I noticed. This is not small matter in a time where many businesses are struggling to just get by, let alone trying to operate there businesses in an efficient manner.

In addition, the young man, Trey, I came across tonight amid a literal sea of garbage, and his huge stack of already filled garbage – and not even close to truly having the rest of the area completed, there had been garbage tossed in almost every single corner of the property, it is not very difficult to see how ridiculous was was to even assume it was possible to enjoy this aspect of getting through the night and the shift he was on.

One big as, as a community member of the Seaford community, please stop by and let Trey and anyone else know they are doing a good job, as well help look out and remind everyone they can help the employees we see doing work that many would not enjoy. It is vital to let Try and others know, the little details they do are not little at all, they are huge. We live in a community where it is easy to look at the negative and put down where we leave, when in reality, we live in a pretty historical and amazing community where there is sop much talent and opportunity, and packed with home town feeling that has not even been close to being released to its full potential.

It is easy to get lost in the swirl of development and constant building, but what is vital it the opportunity to preserve the already beautiful aspects that surround us ion the form of parks, nature trails, compliments given to others that help them get through their day, taking a cart in when we are in our way into a store, picking up a small package of garbage that is near our car when we are filling up gas, even offering to help clean a small section of an area you may find yourself in – if my Mom had not been with me this evening, I would have taken 20 minutes to also help Trey cover such a vast area of waste left behind by others in just one day.

I feel each of us can do better to help those that are undertaking the cleanup process, be it the recovery from COVID in any business and customer service – we each can play a part in improving the areas we live in, and ultimately, helping all of us grow closer together as a community. Trey, your work is not overlooked and take for granted, thank you, and thank you Ms Ridenour for being so gracious in a touch time to criticisms that you address to improve the look of our Seaford community

It is a weird comparison, but the song Royals came to mind, and just as anyone, of any age, can do a cover of an existing song, from the original to Royals like Lorde, to Megan Nicole and Madilyn Bailey, to a cool version of Royals by Alaa Wardi, to the acoustic cover of Royals by Jake Coco and Corey Gray , to the version of Royals by Relic Hearts , to – okay you get the idea. There are SO MANY ways to reinterpret a song, there are SO MANY ways to reinterpret how we can interpret our own community, play a part in improving and redefining our community, and represent elements of diversity that make countries like Mexico, Europe, and other far fetching locations.

Speaking of Latin American, it is am amazing privilege to have the chance to go to a restaurant like Dios Provee and Dona Maria’s Pupuseria – right here in Seaford! It is so easy to rely on big name chain businesses to bring people to a town, it is even more amazing to celebrate the diverse and unique businesses that one can only find in Seaford – exciting!


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