The Starriest Wars On a Bone Chilling Night Strike Back…

True, I have grown up seeing Star Wars in the theatre and it is amazing to acknowledge how far Star Wars has come, with so many changes, so many landmarks, that make it a true space soap opera.  There is much to love: 

(This post is for you Paul Hebert!)

I love that old friends still remain present and do not disappear in The last Jedi and often show they remain with us and with the Star Wars story much longer than we’d expect .
I love the fact that the same discoveries that a young Luke make- we see Rey following in Luke’s footsteps.
I love the fact that just when you think you will see a sacrifice for the Rebellion being made – there is a last minute knee jerk change in plans – and it still surprises you.
I love the melodramatic scenes that still exist, against a blood red sunset, a bitter cold freezing plant that holds many surprises – that still remain from the first Star Wars I saw in a movie theatre and withstanding who owns the Star Wars series now, the same images and scenes exist.
I love the sacrifices that are made sometimes come at the hands of someone we JUST meet in the immediate film, and it makes us feel as we have known them all our life.

I love that some of the best advice and ways to get back on track come from our past, as well as our future.  Just when I was about to give up on Luke, there is renewed hope that shows why is a legend.

I like that you can look back at all the above, and see it can pertain to so many aspects of our own lives.  We can hide away, resign ourselves to failure and end a cycle of making an impact.  We can take the hurt, the pain, the disappointment and use it to mold not only ourselves but others to make an impact and change everything.  Sometimes when it feels as if we are just buying time, we are searching caverns, trees, pits, tombs, caves, and dungeons of our own until we find a nw definition of who we are and it launches us forward.  Being patient and calm through all of this makes the difference between returning to a new day and leaving the days behind.  

“We have all we need right here.”



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