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Educator’s Night at Bethany Beach Books – when I first saw this I was like YES!  If you have ever been to Bethany Beach Books, at least for me I imagine the ideal location as well as ideal venue for a bookstore. Nestled in proximity to Bethany Beach, and just amazing to visit (moreso in low tourist season), this alway has been one of my favorite locations.  When I found out author Adi Alsaid had visited there for an author talk as well as signing, I was pretty stoked as well remembering how much I liked this location.  I was excited to return here for an event devoted to educators and a chance to visit a Delawarean author, John Micklos Jr.. 

Distance is always tricky and deceiving.  I did not realize an hour exists between Felton and Bethany but I will tell you what it is.  Racing home from school to give the dogs a break, then jumping back in a vehicle to go south on Route 1 to Bethany just seems to extend the distance it takes, but finally, with four minutes to spare, I was here.  Walking in it is amazing to see the whole book store turned into a open audience for an author, the same I have seen in New York Barnes and Nobles as well as in PA and so many other places.  The quaintness, coziness, and just general being comfortable in a space, with my favorite thing, books, comes to life at this location.  IMG_6021Spying Adi’s newest book, North of Happy, I immediately knew I was finally having that in my hands!  With awesome bags on every chair for educators, this was a safe and welcome evening, with the long day in the classroom, this became rewarding!  

With starting the overview of 10+ pages of books to review, it was amazing to see, feel, and laugh with Manager Amanda Zirn.  The contagiousness of her enthusiasm and recognition of how a book can come to life is amazing -with every – single – book she picked up, it took a life of its own but was more than just a review, it was personal and that makes all the difference in the world when seeing any book.  The same should be, could be, done in a library, public library, school library, no matter the age.  The adults were caught so I can imagine how students would react when given this opportunity to see a personal approach to books, simply not just for younger children at all.  Hearing how Bethany Books gives back to the community – wow – even more amazing what businesses can do.

Add to the fact that children and high school writer, John Micklos Jr. was there to present his new book – One Leaf, Two Leaves, Count With Me –    IMG_6036but an unexpected and interesting topic of diversity from an author came out which was awesome.  It was so so so interesting to hear both Amanda Zirn and John Micklos Jr.  scan through the selections available that represent diversity, on huge chunks.  It was inherently a pleasure to delve into this topic and see how to positively impact reaching out to all individuals from all backgrounds positively amid so much ugliness occurring in the world regarding this very topic. Finding out Mr. Micklos also served on the Dolly Parton Imagination Library was AWESOME– and being able to talk with him and he ability to sign a book for sending to ASF was again, more topping on the cake. Spying Zoraida Cordova’s book Labryinth Lost I also had to add that to the MUST have’s, wanting that since the Author’s Among US when she came in April 2016 – and that is the thing…

HOW LUCKY is it that we have had the chance to rub elbows and add personality to the very books that delve into such core topics and areas?  Adi Alsaid is to be ravingly credited as he believed and help make happen, alongside a creative and ambitious Repentino. Staff, the chance to bring authors to inspire others around us more (I am seeing a blog needing to come up soon on this occurring in April 2018!)

Add to this the fact that we have ideas to create a Delaware blog of podcasts that consist of authors just from Delaware, as well as bringing Authors Among US to Delaware, to SO MUCH MORE – (so little time and needing more posts!) – the sky is limitless and yet – 

Events like this, from Bethany Beach Books lets you realize how much work CAN be done, COULD be done, and WILL change your community if you keep drawing investors to what can be a better place for those of all backgrounds, beliefs, and interests.  Thank you so much Amanda Zirn and John Micklos Jr. for an evening that despite a day in the IMG_6020classroom, provided a night away to gear up for the rest for the week – priceless!

Did I mention the event we have tomorrow with the Greenwood Public Librarian coming in or Barnes & Noble visiting today?  Tons more to come, stay tuned!



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