Kubrick, Pirates, and Aliens

When you say the name, some it registers instantly with, others, not so much – but his work almost everyone has been familiar with, if just by name.  Clockwork Orange, 2011 Space Odyssey, The Shining, Lolita, Full Metal Jacket, to name just a few of his 13 blockbuster films, Stanley Kubrick has shown his masterful talent a countless number of times.  Having his exhibition here at the Cineteca Nacional was a huge deal to say the least.  The exhibits displayed and the details and props from some of his most famous known, and unknown films, have definitely stood the test of time.  

Then there is the Cineteca itself – a haven of anything films, this is truly a haven for the cineophile – so many salsa, so many selections, even amazing outside areas to take it all in and reflect.  Aside from the museum being a worth it ten times over, the staff was able and will continue in all the right directions.  Extended to another month, this exhibit is worth catching and then some- as well ranges over a huge area of nostalgia related to film itself.


Alien Covenant has received tons of hype, tons.  To be prepared I went back and viewed every previous Alien, some familiar, others not.  Was it necessary?  I am thinking maybe watching Prometheus is necessary, as this seems to where the before Alien begins, similar to the approach Star Wars took.  Watching every episode did in fact help, and did in fact help me remember details in noticing this newest Alien has much more human touches weaved in the plot.  Yes, there are still moments that make you jump and squirm, but maybe a worrisome aspect, it seems to get less and less as I made my way through each episode.  I am not exactly connected at the hip to these movies, but understand, that a few more will be produced to reconnect to the original Alien.  I am not like “No more!” but am curious in what way will watchers still be pulled in and not get to that phrase by the end of the overall series as coming close to 8 parts of one film seems to me, a little overwhelming.


Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales – I have seen all of these and it is not too hard to forget the details, thanks to the characters.  What drew me in was the Johnny Cash song to the trailer I saw, and while this is not the soundtrack for every trailer, it is powerful.  The film itself is great due to some surprises of faces you do not expect to see and that ties into the original film perfectly,  The laughter and lines of hilarity are ever there, and GREAT, and the prominence of music in the right places, the right time, still are a huge factor.  Did I watch all the previous parts before seeing this portion?  No.  Did I need to?  No.  You will find it exciting to see also much background of info from previous films also revealed.  This still remains a great addition to the parts of this series that keep the whole theme moving towards the horizon.



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