What is Behind a Legend, On and Off Screen?

“It is Inevitable.”  There is so so much about King Arthur: Legend of the Sword that is over the top – but let’s start with the soundtrack.  Sam Lee and The Wild Berry /The Devil and the Hunstman- nothing has to be said, not one word.  Just listen. 

Daniel Pemberton was responsible for the soundtrack, and with a little research, has a lot of soundtracks under his belt.  Not sure if any could compare to this production, but it carries weight in this production.  Add to this the tracks like Growing Up Londinium that make you progress through the years in record-breaking moments, the amazing rhythm of The Darklands, and the amazing cinematic footage that covers the track Run Londinium, and The Story of Mordred JUST TO NAME A FEW  – add so much personality and mystique to this production ALONE – that is before you realize…

Guy Ritchie, who I am totally unfamiliar with, but should not be apparently from films like Snatch, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, and Rock N Rolla,  , nothing is done small and insignificant in this newest production.  It seems that is a legend of Guy Ritchie.

The characters here aligned with the powerful Legend of King Arthur, are unstoppable.  You catch nostalgia of recall that fall from Lord of the Rings, but with much more antiquity and power.  You have the rawness of Game of Thrones, but more sharper details that stick with you, and that is saying much.  Go even back to A Knights Tale, and you catch the whisper of the power characters can have when matched with a legend.  

Seeing this film two times in one weekend was not enough, the soundtrack, the strength of the story alongside the characters – the depth of what is happening on the screen – and a star cast on and off the screen – this has become one of the most exciting films for many many reasons but leaves an inprint of what a legend is way after you leave the theatre.  While many legends lead you to search for more, this film will leave you searching for nothing!




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