“What is the Difference Between A and B?” Realizations from the Second Night of “Y Me…”

Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 5.41.03 AMSo you may or may not know, there is an A and B cast in most high school productions.  Is there an A and B cast in professional productions?  I would like to know this answer. Repertory Theatre?  I asked my PR editor Nina to help research that because I did not know!  Kudos to Nina!)

In my mind, I always felt that the A cast was the better cast, the B cast second best.  I stand corrected.  I learned much from this production, and what I learned the most?  It was that I was able to see traits from both casts that improved, that could be improved, or that grew in the process of seeing the musicals.  

This was a huge eye opener for me, because I was able to see double the members grow in many many ways, but I had to go to every show to believe and see this.  This is the art of loving something so much, you are willing to sacrifice your time if you see the value in it.  I can only say the Tech Cub, the Drama Club, all those involved with every musical I have EVER seen, has allowed me to gravitate to seeing so much more than a musical, a play, or simply a production at face value.   Realizations such as these are priceless.  How do you possibly pay back that thanks in pictures, reviews, or simply being at shows?  It can’t but it is a start.  So to all of you mentioned below and in future posts?  Thank you for more than you know, each and every time you take a risk on the stage.

Without further ado, onto the second day’s cast review – (Did you like that “Seussism” reference?)

Adrian   – Okay so some would say there was no comparison to Adrian to Sebastian.  That is a VERY hasty remark, and not warranted.  When you look and really examine this role, Sebastian brought an alternative personality to Mr. B that would fit is role as a Chemistry teacher as WELL as a secret “Rebel Without a Cause” member of Jefferson High.  His reserved and yet radical personality quirks came out even stronger because of his reservedness that Sebastian maintained.  Would I have realized this to the level I did without an A cast?  Most likely no.  Kudos to you as you ride into the sunset on your Harley Sebastian  so that is Sebastian.  What about Adrian?

Adrian without a doubt rocks this character beyond belief and almost reembodies Mr. Beckerman.   From the moment Beckerman is brought to bravado due to his tireless commitment to the students, to his head-banging rock interests, to the helmet carried just the right way, Adrian’s Beckerman is just as amazing, if not moreso than Sebastians. Adrian’s version is amazing, hysterical, and perfect for Adrian, and he pulls it off amazingly, and I can only imagine how much more GUSTO Adrin will add to this character by the end of the show.  The awesome most coolest Guns N Roses thing is this, Adrian does this in a way that only Adrian, can, and that is what makes this so amazing.

Ana CristinaEver the environmentalist, Ana constantly is upping her commitment to get those petitions, and you see her insistence creeping up in this second show.  Excellent.  It seems she is personalizing the role even more as the show progresses, and this is exciting to see on stage in someone able to contribute so much more on stage, as I think she will in the future.

Tamara KSeeing Tamara begin to add emphasis to her points at the mic as Jacobson, I was able to see the personality traits that at first make you think Tamara is a back up or a behind the scenes kind of actress.  I do not believe this.  I see her having trait that hover below the surface and wait for the right time to surface, and when they do – you are sitting there nodding your head knowing there are aspects there that you are grateful for catching.  Way to go Tamara, excited to see how you grow this role even more into the future.

Ana Paula LOVED seeing Ana as Jacqueline and I sensed her solo “Keep on Keepin’ On” lets you notice what she is capable of.  I predict she is able to even land that role stronger, as if her first time was strong enough.  She might be quiet and reserved in school (she is) but when she lets loose a bag of emotion waiting to be opened, everyone notices.  BIG TIME.

Analise AIt is SO difficult to not recognize Analise as the restrictive and scary mom when you see her in the teacher’s lounge, lol, but that is to her credit.  When she cracks a smile in the teacher’s lounge, you do confirm she is capable of many more aspects in acting than you might have thought.  LOVE.

Arantza M – It is again exciting to see how some actresses can do subtle things with their roles that could go undetected so easily.  Yet, from the microphone attendant to the moves she spins around the character Maria, you see Arantza also add more and more personality as each night progresses.  This shows her ability as an actress able to grow into any role she is given and make it more than when she first started.

Marion R. – Okay seriously, did you know she has that set of vocal cords on her?  The kind of deep soul that results surprises you to say the least, and yet, the edginess that is need to pull off Maria is always there.  Marion is able to present a different type of Maria, yet does it well, and defines the difference between and A and B cast, two sides to every coin. Wow does she make that coin shine!

Emiliano M. – Is there a difference between a police officer and a parent?  Some would say no, lol. but Emiliano brings the same importance to this role as he did the show before.  No mater how subtle, is is great he can diversify and embody any role in any production as needed.  His Spanish in the teacher’s lounge?  Classic.

Pablo G The intensity (You can almost see lines in his jaw) he carries in his family, the love he has for his wife, and expectations he doesn’t realize are his own and not his daughters? Pablo brings this home easily, and effortlessly.  He is able to annunciate in a  way that stresses what is expected in all his family without realizing the implications until it matters – played brilliantly.

Giulia – Hysterical.  Her doomsday explanation as Jade is a highlight for sure.  The X files have nothing on her at all.  Can you imagine how great this will be the last night as well?  I am not sure it can be any better after seeing her energy from her media speech, as well as her also representing something Maria needs, played off just as the way you would hope – very very well done.

Patricio V. – Perhaps one of the biggest surprises and take aways is the role switch of mother to father for Jacqueline.  LOVE THIS DECISION.  I am allowed to be biased, okay but LOVE Patricio taking this role and RUNNING away with it in this particular show.  The breaking of “glass” and seeing it roll into the orchestra?  CLASSIC.  HE SCARES ME.  He does this role HUGE justice and this, I hope will not be the last we see of Patricio.

Lucia – There is no doubt in my mind how Lucia is able to pull off the ultimate, “Wonder Woman, save the day, reach into your heart and pull a little, shake the emotions around a bit, and then sit back in awe: show, yet she does.  She looks you in the eye and you want to cry.  You feel she IS the one more emotional than anyone as she is acting, or is she.  As always, Lucia’s ability to embody the emotions that are in the air, and bring them to a sense of reality you would not expect?  You want to say thanks after scene, note, and song. 

Pablo G, – Lets act as if Pablo can not sing for a moment (um yeah).  The energy, timidness, awkwardness, as well as naive discovery of finding himself as a new person in new social situations is one of just – reawakening?  He allows the audience to feel this every step of the way. Okay now add to the mix his talent in voice – and you are thanking your lucky stars for grabbing the opportunity to take in this production.  Hysterical, serious, memorable and one of many cast members that are off the charts in this production.  Heck yeah to Pablo.

Isabella B – Yes, Isabella still continues to smile, support, and without immediate instant recognition from the audience, maintain her presence as a constant through this production.  What occurs subtly is her ability to bring her role forward in moments and make you ask, why didn’t I see that before?  Her able to pull Maria’s eye from Percy was still there in the first show ad yet, in every show you notice something she does that makes the production a success.  I love that her constancy allows this revelation with every show she you see her in.  

Mariana R – Deflecting flirtations, surviving Chemistry, and continuing to support Jefferson High are all part of ho Mariana fits herself in easily as a constant through this production. You find without realizing it, where and when you look for her in various scenes, and then it dawns on you, how she has been able to present herself as a staple part of this show without you even realizing it initially!

Marianne – She just absolutely fits, sometimes hysterically funny, sometimes deadly serious, but the production is totally that much less without her.  Scenes for the parties, to the school halls, I love her as Kat in this production and there is no way this production is the same without her.

Diego M. – Why do I associate Ms Jarvis with Miles so much?  Because he does this so well.  YET, after the first show, you see his “personality” at parties, and a host of other places you did not notice before.  Hence, the art of subtly arises again.

Natalia SShe does it again and again and again.  Almost owning and redefining the teacher’s lounge, and her magnetism to Mr> Beckerman, Natalia lets you anticipate the dryness and frankness in each scene she appears in.  She gives us plenty of reason of why to see more than one show and come back for more.  Miles does.

Pedro V. –  Still able to get the subtle incidents in Chemistry class, it is impossible to not see Pedro as a part in as many scenes as possible and you realize – they do not have to be huge lines. He easily trades Percy with his role, and still brings the humor no problem.  His ability to personalize one word?  You realize how his longevity is acting is successful.

Mikel I.  – So at first you are like, no he is too big of a guy to be a DJ.  You get past the difference from Rodolfo with his hysterical methods to try and be sneaky with the ladies. You even look forward to the moment it actually might work.  Despite being a breakfast muffin reference, Mikel brings the right amount of hilarity to make this work and work well.

Su K – Certainly Su is able to bring the mother characteristics front and center – and jump right alongside Pablo’s role of father without a blink.  Her motherly nature, as well as that shift from expectations driven to understanding, perfect.  There is no too much or not enough, she slides into this and is able to make this appear as it was hers all long. Excellent job.

So as the shows continue to wonder, did you need elaborate sets?  Sophisticated ingenuity to pull it off?  Ot just a power mix of motivation to to get all the cast to make up for any missing parts of elements, with more in one less in another, etc..   These are the aspects that happen into the wee hours of performance on the shoulders of  Mr. Hugo Cabrera, Teruhi Yoshioka, and Rob McCabe and still do not cease to amaze you with the details that often many do not think of.  This trickles on down to the implementation thanks to Alan L, Alani P, Alberto C., Andrea P,  Andrea T., Stefan W., Enrique G., Isabel R., Jose Herrera guru of the stage,  Julia D., Loic R., Manuel Fagoga., Mateo P., Miguel V., Patricio W., Regina A., Roman A., Rodolfo M., and Ivan G running around like crazy and together?  Success!

Again, every night there is a separate story being told in the orchestra pit as well and thanks to al those that brought a second show to major life – Alejandra A., Alejandro M., Alex H., Alex De Winter, Chris Muller, Bryn C., Andrew N., Claire R., Dave Rueb, Diego Zaragoza, Kyle Pape, Jang H., Jeong I., Luis Betancourt, Marc R., Marisol H., Olivia Maekawa, Pedro R., Regina R., Sofia H., Tomas M., William H., Yoko Mochizuki, and Annabella M!  

The difference between A and B?  It was never made more crystal clear than this second performance, and down to the amazing parents that man the front line support in the lobby, A and B might stand alone in the alphabet, but certainly not on ant stage set of “Y Me…”, kudos to a second night of fun, drama, and internal heart throbbing!

Check the brief video below to see the intensity that Mr. McCabe hopes to get across to everyone within viewing distance of this production!


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