One of a Kind only Occurs Once in Awhile…Evident in “Y Me…” in the Second Evening.

IMG_2665When everything around you slowly fades away and you are left with profound images, of a beauty you see, those moments are priceless. These could happen in almost any setting that finds itself of interest to someone fascinated with that particular moment at hand; riding a horse across a wooded field, creating a masterpiece out of clay or acrylic, simply practicing a form of martial arts in a park, to simply viewing an adult reading to a younger child. Many forms, many aspects of beauty that come out through so many diverse talents.

April 28th brought such a moment. On the second night of “Y Me…”, I chose a front seat in the FAC to capture the best pictures possible, as well as to take in at an even closer angle the production with a new cast in its second showing. At one moment, I was able to do just that, see the conducter, (and director, and creator) of “Y, Me…” in full swing from the moments before the start all the way through to the end of this production. An intimate showing of how the orchestra worked together, both in music and among each other was one of the best shows in itself. It must be a deep sense of satisfaction for Mr. McCabe to see, feel, and experience the powerful vocal and musical pieces unwinding in front of him and him as a main participant.

I say this because I, as a member of the audience felt this satisfaction of personalization, something unique and magical in the power of the solo musical numbers, the overall story, and seeing students in a new cast and not even being aware they had such power of emotion to bring this home to so many people in the audience. It moves you and it at least did me. In this moment, I was able to see nothing as well but the energy and feeling Mr. McCabe had as his motions, energy, and expressions moved over the orchestra, to the stage and all on that stage, back down over the orchestra, and into his energy again that directed itself in a huge level of appreciation for all those that were making this night occur. I thought of the famed and so energetic Alondra de la Parra, and remember her many moments on stage and how taken away I witnessed her in front of that very orchestra as a whole new world unfolded in front of her. Everything flowed right through her, and the same occurred this evening; I felt the same way here in this moment with Rob McCabe, and it was an art form occurring in itself, and well deserved.


Without further ado, the next post will applaud this cast on the second showing of “Y Me…” and you will see how this production as developed and unfolded in just 2 shows in front of so many. If you were on the fence about seeing a production that would stay with you, don’t think twice, make sure you get to the 4:00 or the 7:00 showing tonight, and in no way will you ever regret this decision on many levels.

Stay tuned for the pics, the revises, and the video that confirms this second show was leading its way to a great third and fourth showing today! The next post will review the tremendous feeling mixed with Mr. McCabe’s creativity, that resulted in one smashing successful second evening show. It gives me chills to realize how the third and fourth shows Saturday will feel with the realization of all the unique moments tied in this one of a kind production.



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