We Weren’t “In the Dark” at all from the first show of “Y Me…”

IMG_2289One wonders what the first night of any musical will be in store.  Sometimes good sometimes bad.  All of those are trivial in the terms of what are good and bad.  This particular night, electric was in the air but not in the FAC.  You could hear the generator, but could not see any results as everyone anticipated the beginning of the first show.  A little after 6:00 PM – it all came together.  Doors opened, the FAC slowly filled (exciting numbers for the first night) – and we anticipated what was to come.

Certainly say that with the elements of this being a first time for so many aspects, there was an edge of anticipation added to the fact that we were in the FAC and it was starting!  It was awesome to see the appetizing sandwiches, the refreshments, and the positive support and air, it was contagious to know that this level of positivity was present even when the unexpected occurs.

Details of the production will also unfold but let’s go straight to the members that revealed so many refreshing aspects to a musical that was a definite successful first for s many reasons.

Adrian K – The first show subtlety was not a key aspect, and it is good that is wasn’t. as the role of teacher on the teacher’s lounge was played perfectly and humorously.  Remants of his talent from The Radium Girls were still present and welcomed in seeing Adrian back on stage. 

Ana Cristina – Loving that she is a strong environmentalist for whales and constantly emphasizing the cast in front of her as well, Ana never seems to appear as a supporting role and easily fits into every scene – awesome to see her back on stage.

Ana F- Loved her educational presence throughout the musical, and her sense of naive awareness at times of students is played off perfectly.  Ana is a great great member of this staff.

Ana Paula – Dancing her way on and off the sets and supporting the cast around her as well as representing her easily as part of the student body, Ana has a way of supporting the production as a whole whole also remaining an individual contributing member as only Ana can pull off in productions.

Analise A – Wow.  Just simply wow.  Pulling this off was not easy task, is a stressful (to say the least) role and yet, if Analise put any more emotion into this role, I thought I would have a nervous breakdown. How she pulls it all together at the end as well? – LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Anna C – I worried when I heard the softness of her voice as the beginning and was completely relived by the end of this production of her contribution.  Anna was able to implement the emotions surrounding her role and project them out through a confident voice, and as a mother, that allows you to realize how amazing Anna can be on stage.  

Arantza M – Not sure if you realized how warming a smile Arantza has but as the sound mic for the end of the world broadcast, as well as her energy seen between scenes? – Total aura of a student that is facing the challenges of life, gravitating towards being a senior, hmmm, not just her own life but her ability to project this on stage?  She pulls it all off effortlessly.

Caroline T – Yes.  Yes Yes yes.  Locomotive of emotion, restraint, and letting go.  Caroline brings that drama to the drama of her character, projects it, and it bounds through you in waves throughout the production.  She aligns with the emotions set out by Analise perfectly.

Emiliano M – Supporting role as the overbearing father, loving husband, and contributing factor to Lacy’s future, Emiliano comes through easily and effortlessly in this role.  

Giulia – Walking on and off, Giulia does not just represent a walk on and walk off attitude of a typical actor.  Her enthusiasm, energy, and positive vibes on the stage, anytime she is on the stage is only a part of the reason why it seems absolutely natural she is a part of this cast.

Ingrid – It goes without saying that Ingrid grabs the heartstrings of the audience with several of her solo moments, be it as the reformer of everyone’s lives or vocally, but she nails it every time.  She seems to embody the theme of Today is the Day and with a confidence that set the tone for this whole production night.

Isabella B – Again, part of a strength of any actor, is their enthusiasm, energy, and positivity as a supporting and main character.  As Rosetta, she has all these characteristics and is able to portray her energy through anyone that is beside her. 

Juliana – Another HUGE WOW. Her vocals, emotions, sincerity, and energy that flows into the other key characters is impossible to not detect.  She lets it on stage for all to share, revel in, and appreciate.  She hits the stage in the first lines with this energy, and from thereafter, never loses that magical presence she brings, maintains, and elevates throughout the whole production.

Mariana R – One does not have to look for to find Mariana and her contributions throughout the production.  Being hit on, supporting the student body, representing Jefferson High, and maintaining her own identity throughout.  She nails all of this and more and she is able to activate her presence continually throughout this production, total success.

Marianne – I honestly could not imagine a better individual to represent the music genres, and the reflective student of a student body, as well as managing a “cool” James Dean-like tone throughout “Y Me…”.  She nails this role, seems to create her own individual personality as Kat, and even the name fits.  She is a plus as part of this cast.

Diego M. – Again, fitting into stereotypes perfectly, Diego is always at the right place at the right time to cause a reaction on stage.  Even in the darkest moments on stage, he is able to show what he is capable of and how he draws out reactions from the cast around him.  Bravo.

Gabriela S. – Certainly persistent, unafraid to stand alone, and willing to step forward – all of these describe Gabriela on the first night.  She is able to command a steady presence in many scenes, and continue to play a supporter of pertinent issues that make “Why Me…” such an important production.  It will be exciting to see her in future productions and where she will go.

Natalia S – Could the hysterical nature of a student be better represented?  I think not.  The tone, volume, dry humor, academic /smart tone, and MORE, she brings so much MORE to the role as Jarvis, and continues to bring out what every teacher would want to say at time and never dare.  Her contribution is mighty, and does NOT have to be measured by quantity, as he makes use of every line perfectly that she is given.  Awesome performance.

Pablo G. –  Perfect, albeit brief, contribution in the teacher’s lounge, and yet he capitalizes on representing that accent and it is memorable.  Heck, maybe that is because almost anything Pablo. touches is memorable, and he sticks true to that with his lines in this first production.

Pedro V. –  Unable to get the image of the rad cowbell from Fame out of your mind?  Pedro returns with a tone downed version of Percy, but certainly not disappointing at the least.  He continues to a blast of enthusiasm, energy, and insight through Percy, and every moment is enjoyable, his vocals appreciated and meaningful, and he does not fail ONCE to captivate as the production progresses.  Excellent and welcome choice in a GREAT role.

Rodolfo B – He seems fit for this role – absolute.  His flirting, one liners, expertise interest on the DJ scene, and basement parties – he adds the right chemicals needs for the high school experiment.  He easily becomes the student that every other teacher and students knows through the course of a graduation trek.

Sebastian B. – If you were surprised to see Sebastian on the stage on Radium Girls, then you are in for a treat for “Y Me…”.  His multi-faceted personality, shifting between serious, to gamer, to motorcyclist, to braniac Chem guru, to student confidant and counselor, to…his presence is easily made powerful among every interaction, and there are many, of the cast.

Su K – Subtle, quiet, yet, reinforcing that she is quite capable of being a presence on the stage, as a mother, and closing this night’s production in style.  Whatever role Su plays in, the waves of confidence, sureness, and capability roll out into the audience.  She is always an asset on and off the stage.

Those staff members you may or may not recognize – and who ADD GUSTO to this production!


Of course as you know now, the patience in “light” of when things do not go as planned, and the steadiness that follows behind that patience, the Tech and production team always come through and are the best hits in front, and behind the curtain!   This first night was no exception as you begin to congratulate Mr Hugo Cabrera, Teruhi Yoshioka for leading such an amazing venture forward.  Add to this power list the likes of Alan L, Alani P (great job on makeup!), Alberto C., Andrea P,  Andrea T., Enrique G., Isabel R., Jose Herrera (he is BACK and AWESOME YESSSS!), Julia D., Loic R., Manuel F., Mateo P., Miguel V., Patricio W., Regina A., Roman A., Rodolfo M., and Ivan G ( YES! Alumni Ivan!  We love you back!)

Oh but did you even glance at the instrumental section and see ASF alumni, teachers, students and their families donning musical instruments?  The collection itself of individuals that make up this ensemble? – you will hear how priceless when you see the diverse talents that make one solid successful musical track throughout this production.  HUGE KUDOS to:

Alejandra A., Alejandro M., Alex H., Alex De Winter (oh yes the good ones do come back!), Our own Chris Muller, Bryn C., Andrew N., Claire R., Dave Rueb, Diego Zaragoza, Kyle Pape, Jang H., Jeong I., Luis Betancourt, Marc R., Marisol H., Olivia Maekawa, an AWESOME Pedro R. on drums, Regina R., Sofia H., Tomas M., William H., Yoko Mochizuki, and Annabella M!  

This group together changes the perception of the whole musical, as well as the depth of diversity that each brings to the overall feeling.  When you see the passion displayed through the following masterminds of this production:

Director Rob McCabe, Hugo Cabrera Technical Director, Manuel Fagoga Choreography, Stefan W. Production Assistant, Teruhi Yoshioka Director, and Ximena Villalobos (YES!  Back to us!) with additional alumni Ivan Guerra,  – all taking such a risk on a first time, one of a kind dive into a one of a kind original production, you have a heartfelt, personal production that hits home to one of many memories we have had with dealing with what the future can and will hand us.  The ASF Theatre Company becomes a foundation within the ASF Foundation showing that risks, creativity, venturing into the unknown without heart NEVER goes unrewarded.  You will experience this every step into the hallway of Jefferson High, surrounded and accompanied by a ton of familiar, creative spirits.  Thank to the support you feel from the time you walk into the lobby of the FAC from the parents, to seeing the countless faculty and staff surrounding you, and the students that come out in masses to support this creative venture – this is one successful “first” you do NOT want to miss.  Hope to see you tonight or one one of the two shows Saturday!  Great job Mr. McCabe!


By the way, did the announcements sound familiar during this production? !!







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