Third Show Running, and Running Away With Talent…

SurprisedIt is funny, unless you are in Drama or Tech Club, the decision to choose a production might not exactly be on your radar – until it occurs.  I have realized with “Y Me…”, that it is very easy to feel this just happened, booom!  There it is!  Contrary to this, the elements of including a very specific list of instrument, individuals to play those instruments, let alone individual scenes, as well as individual songs, all that blend and go together?  Alot more to it than watching this unfold before your eyes!

I realized the wonder of this coming together and being able to recognize the countless individuals from all walks of life, that allow this to occur and be presented – in four shows.  Seeing all four shows is not enough to grasp the growth seen just that occurred from rehearsal, let alone what occurred in those four shows, but today, here we are.  Last day and two shows, and hopefully you will see the changes that increased from the first night’s show, which is pretty amazing as well.  Without further ado:


Adrian KIt is difficult NOT to see Adrian as an iconic educator now in the third show, but it is obvious, whether behind the Chemistry table or in the teacher’s lounge, his ability is evident.  Can you imagine a production, now, after seeing him on stage, not being in a single production before he graduated?  We can’t either.

Ana Cristina – It is hysterical to see her persistence in chasing anyone within the vicinity to see her petition.  The signs of her settling into her role are all there, and you easily begin to appreciate the various scenes she appears in, supporting the cast around her as she always has done in productions we have seen. 

Ana F- Her presence at Homecoming, with DJ Breakfast Muffin, as well as in and out of the teacher’s lounge is classic, well performed and well represented ever since the first show, and even stronger at the mic now.  It seems you can sense the confidence in her role in just one show – and that is what makes her stand out as she is growing on stage with each performance.

Ana Paula – It is difficult to not picture Ana now as Jacquline, yet easier to see the talent she brings to both roles, the ability to allow her confidence to overlap between both is evident, and you realize she is quite capable in a multitude of roles if given her.  Seeing her in different roles, in multiple shows, allows you to appreciate what she has under a quite fascade!

Analise A – Again, Analise pulls off the ultimate death stare and feeling mother, and never backs down from this personality.  She is as chilling as she was in the first production, and one has to wonder how tired she is at the end of each show?  Amazing and strict performance on stage, and one that definitely is able to set the tone and then some thanks to her demeanor.

Anna C – Even more confident and motherly, Anna seems to also grow in this role since the first show.  Being more insistent initially on the expectations to be successful, this makes her come around as understanding with Lacy even more rewarding when we see this towards the end of the show.  Anna is able to maintain her presence continually on this role which is heartwarming in the production overall.

Arantza M – It’s funny, you find yourself anticipating the scene with Jade, as well as how she represent herself on stage in the dance routines with the other cast.  It is difficult to say exactly why, but there is a huge comfort in knowing she is part of this production’s cast, and she effortlessly helps move the plot of the story forward.

Caroline T – Without a doubt, building on the first great performance, you are star struck and bound to the tons in her music numbers, that reach into you and meet you right where you are sitting.  Her ability to move some very attractive music scores find themselves on your lips at the intermission and even after, humming the, but realizing there is still an Etta James- style to her singing, which when you would see Caroline, you are deceived with what she can belt out.   One of the huge drama endearing casts in this production, she brings it home.

Emiliano M – Still able to personify the role of expectation exceeding reality, Emiliano works the role of father into a very acceptable and believable role.  His confidence is easy to detect, as well as his ability to allow Lacy to confront his needs for her.

Giulia – Without a doubt, her insistence on signs and “the end” lead up to the great explanation of what will occur as doomsday lingers near.  Hysterical, energetic, and filled with hilarity, Giulia is able to take this role and make it bend to her will. Love her energy into this role throughout the production!

Ingrid – Continuing to grab every note and turn it into an emotion, Ingrid even moreso than the first show, is able to obviously funnel her emotions at a higher level than I noticed the initial performance.  Coupled with her talent in vocals, the ability to tie the emotions that are in the music to her body language is superb.  She was made for this role, there is no doubt.

Isabella B – Maybe this is a factor of the more quiet and subtle Isabella is, the more she stands out, but in the third night’s show, you do realize how she “bounces” reactions of other cat members and still maintains her individuality as Rosetta as the parties, school functions, and in serious life dramas that occur.  You realize you would miss her role once you have seen it since the beginning.

Juliana – As Maria, I cannot imagine any other besides Marion in the other cast.  Her gutsiness, ability to come forward yet still hide behind her fears, and willingness to project her feelings in Fakin’ It are strong and uplifting.  She is without a doubt such a power star in this role, and her confidence and volume seems to have grown stronger since the first show.

Mariana R – Again, Mariana is the actress that you begin to look for, and you definitely do in this third show.  Her ability to evade the lurking DJ, while seemingly be the all around Jefferson High student, has this mix of being able to blend in while also sticking out in scenes that you remember.  Her performance remains strong, constant, and one that is easy to anticipate through each one of these shows.

Marianne – If you are good at remembering – you will notice a variation of dances that she attempts while at the parties, as well as maintaining the strong character, able to withstand the insulting come ons of others, and still remain an individual.  Marianne represents a stereotypical student in most schools based on existing through cliques and popularity often found in groups, and emerges her own character.  Awesome performance all the way though each night.

Diego M. – Diego’s interactions continue to grow with each show, and using persistence as his value, as well as not shying away from new moves at the dances and school events, his energy always seems put into reserve, and yet is still there.  His presence is welcomed, applauded, and well deserved throughout every show.

Gabriela S. – Being the all tell representative of the End of the World, Gabriela plays this to the hilt continually throughout the production, and never wavers.  Serving multiple roles in this production, she is able to represent this role effortlessly, from the first night to her second show appearance.  Even the X files seems to match with her ability to represent the quirky, sometimes out of place and sometimes right in tune with the age, character of Jade.

Natalia S – You almost continually hang on the her words as she stresses them to make a point, be it to teacher or student.  Her presence is iconic but Natalia continues to make it that way from the first show.  Her ability to represent Ms. Jarvis in so many hilarious student/teacher situations, and sometimes typical, sometimes not,  is a constant and well-anticipated.

Pablo G. –  His seriousness, his continued talent to be in the moment is ever-present, and always on display is his roles.  Knowing Pablo on and off the stage, you appreciate his approach to anything he deems important, and you see him put his all into this as well – which runs along the whole cast’s ability to take “Y Me…and make it what is has become.

Pedro V. –  He is one definite hysterical cast member that can guarantee a laugh out of you when you least see it coming.  I love that despite which role Pedro maintains, the ability he has to personalize it to his fashion, never ceases to be amusing.  From the beginning of his life on stage, you sense this and it only gets more developed.  LOVE.

Rodolfo B – It almost seems like a continuation of Bill & Ted’s Excellent adventure from the first show Rodolfo appears in.  His lines, his attempts to woo the ladies, his ability to cause a smile in every audience member, while continually haunting the students around him are unending.  His colorful acting, humor, and ability to push his character on everyone work, and continue to be hilarious from the first show with no end in sight.

Sebastian B. – Loving the moment he will pick up the Harley helmet agin, Sebastian does an amazing job of bringing Mr. Beckerman alive, and it seems like the first time despite the first show performance.  His ability to do this, and still cause a Dr. Jekyl/Mr. Hyde personality out of the resident Chemistry teacher is priceless.  He does such a superb job at this, and is part of what makes this production so enticing.  L O V E.  

Su K – Calm, confident, self assured, and strong, and that is just as the characters she always plays.  Take into account the mother she plays as Ms Miller, and you see alot of overlap in her real life, and her life as an actress.  It is easy to underestimate Su due to her quiet demeanor, but not at all hard to see her ability once she hits the stage, so so appreciated through the years seeing her develop in shows as well as through the years at ASF – exciting to see her. 

Additionally, when I heard and saw individuals, both students and parents alike leaving the FAC at the end of this third day, third show, and humming this song or that song, that was a sure indication how well this worked.  Already the fluency of the songs were on the lips of those that were lucky enough to catch this production.  Then that led to this grand realization that with this idea from Rob McCabe, came the support needed for the set, the rough edges being rounded off for production, and the elements that bring this to stage life, and you realize the responsibility that Teruhi Yoshioka and Hugo Cabrera took on, in addition to managing the FAC for the whole campus, and you realize, how did this happen?

I have said it once, and I will say it again – some of the best magic occurs where you do not see.  Always present, but now always evident the members that are the operations of the production are so so vital –  Mr Hugo Cabrera, Teruhi Yoshioka, Alan L, Alani, Alberto C., Andrea P,  Andrea T., Enrique G.,,  Isabel R., Jose Herrera,  Julia D., Loic R., Manuel F., Mateo P., Miguel V., Patricio W., Regina A., Roman A., Rodolfo M., and Ivan G continue to be the comeback heroes that enable many firsts to occur in this production!

There is is just SOMETHING about that orchestra!

Alejandra A., Alejandro M., Alex H., Alex De Winter, Our own Chris Muller, Bryn C., Andrew N., Claire R., Dave Rueb, Diego Zaragoza, Kyle Pape, Jang H., Jeong I., Luis Betancourt, Marc R., Marisol H., Olivia Maekawa, Regina R., Sofia H., Tomas M., William H., Yoko Mochizuki, and Annabella M

when you realize brothers, sisters, teachers, all contribute to the life that becomes the sound of this production, again, there is a story there that is its own life when it comes to Y Me…” and an amazing one at that!

And as an Encore the hear of so many ideas and directions…Director Rob McCabe, Hugo Cabrera Technical Director, Manuel Fagoga Choreography, Stefan W. Production Assistant, Teruhi Yoshioka Director, and Ximena Villalobos,  Ivan Guerra,  – a dream never quite gets off the ground unless there are are enough dreamers to excite those that can make the dream a reality.   It is exciting to see this performance embody that, and just to think, one last show that seals the fact that such a dream is a reality, even when the end is near!

Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 12.21.58 PM


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