Rocking in the Highlands.

What are the chances?  Meaning, receiving an amazing group of students from Edinboro University and Slippery Rock University as student teachers, and realizing these must be the cream of the crop because they are AWESOME!!

That was the feeling you could HEAR as we descended upon the American Legion in Condesa for tons of ice cream, whipped cream, toppings, and as much fun and interchange as we could muster.

These students brought a breath of excitement and fun to ASF in just TWO days, brought by Dr. Robert Snyder, Ph.D and author of What is a Veteran Anyway? – and the combination of having myself attended Edinboro University and Slippery Rock University? The familiarity of being surrounded by these students was awesome as ASF teachers mingled and the volume of conversations ebbed and flowed across the room.

It is always a great, great part of the year when such students come to ASF, and this evening proved how lucky we truly were with such a dynamic, talented, and interesting group of 16 that have come to us – life is good!


About Harry Brake

Employee of Woodbridge High School, Library Media Specialist, Media crazy! :)
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