Thanksgiving 2015

While it is very strange when you have grown up all your life surrounded by the tradition of a Thanksgiving meal, and snow, (ugh!) and then not – you realize one distinct thing.

Thanksgiving is not just food and football (WHAT?) but you look around and you realize –

you are constantly surrounded by people who have helped you create a life – that is full of friends, laughter, tears, and getting through life and making it even better.

I have the gift of always being able to be picked up thanks to the students, friends, family, places, memories, and events that do just that.

You can travel to the far reaches of th world for a different experience, but you’d still realize, without the health, positive vibes needed when most needed, silliness, and chance to be able to do all of the above, life loses its meaning.

You also realize life is full of opportunities to complain and gripe, but even more full of chances to better someone else’s life along the way – and heck, yours too.

I hope everyone of you out there has an amazing Thanksgiving celebrating it in your own way, as well as realizing, how lucky you are to have the chance to reflect on all the things that get you through the roughest of times, as well as the best of times.

There always is a controversy of saying Merry Christmas and having the word Christ in the word, can you imagine that being the case with Thanks in Thanksgiving? I hope you have a GREAT Thanksgiving, get some of the traditional football game in, as well as having a chance to thank those around you for your life up to this point 🙂

Hopefully you’ll grab a meal that will remind you of all this, whether it is turkey or otherwise 🙂


About Harry Brake

Employee of Woodbridge High School, Library Media Specialist, Media crazy! :)
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