Journeys Easing Your Total Being…

Patzcuaro. (Check out #10 at that link).

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Maybe next to Xochimilco, the hardest most difficult spelling for me, NO IDEA WHY. I knew from a coworker who lives there, how difficult the chance to reserve a spot here for Day of the Dead was, is, and will be. So when Peter WIncker’s Azteca Travels offered this, I JUMPED. I was EXCITED, what a better place to try a different take on Day of the Dead? (I really didn’t know!)

The whole trip – I could go on and on and on – but yes, worth every single photo snapping, culture immersing, archaeological- soaking – venture was WORTH IT! So much excitement approaching the Island of Janitzio, at night was was like a movie, it was amazing. I volunteered to sit in the back of the van, the ONLY thing, I really don;t want to ever do that again, EVER. 😉 The trip was one more reason why Mexico is just – AMAZING – from the hotel Mision, finding a bar/restaurant late at night one night, stacked full with motorcyclists and finding out through conversation with the owner he just inherited this – inviting us back and just taking in the magic of hospitality, friendliness, and festivity among traditions – there was NOTHING like it.

I have to note, Sophia, the daughter fo one of the trip attendees was also amazing, she is in Middle School but give her a camera and wow. That was as much fun as anything seeing her talent bloom in such a place as well.

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Today, November 23rd, I find myself on my way to Puerto Escondido, the FiRST time in five years I have been to a beach in Mexico – I know go ahead, get the “No WAY’S” out of the way, but yeah, I am excited as you can imagine. Just as I see a bit of Mexico in every restaurant I take in, I also see a reason why things are time they way they do, and I see a bit of myself in the places and time I choose to visit. Some I discover as I go, but overall, Mexico has been a magical place of constantly rediscovering myself and other, and that probably is the truest gift I could ever desire.

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