October and November, Cornucopia of Experiences All Around.

It’s that time of year!   Yes, it is Fall, yes, Day of the Dead Celebrations, yes National Novel Writing Month in November,  but  YES!  – Mexico’s International Film Festival is BACK!

Last year – pretty incredible and this year’s looks to be great too.  Starting the 15th of October, I only started attending tonight, and love that there are 10 different places to view the documentaries!

Seeing the first film in Parque Rio de Janeiro tonight, titled, Duda razonable.  El case de Florence Cassez, wow.  The basic info is of course listed on Wikipedia, but seeing Florence Cassez in France now, seeing the footage from a staged arrest that wasn’t really the actual thing, (that scares me ALOT that the press and police allowed a “staged” arrest to occur), on top of the eyewitnesses and victims of el secuestro (kidnappings) stated it was her, and Florence Cassez denying it, back and forth, hearing the judges, hearing the attorneys, as well as the government, police in on so many angles, your head swims.  This reminds me of the Amanda Knox incident with extrdition and two countries at odds.  It is amazing though, with international film festivals, especially those of documentaries, you don’t realize what events even occurred, eye opening is an understatement.  This is only one of many that will dazzle.  How lucky are we to have such a festival in our back yards?

This year I find myself in Patzcuaro, and I have heard this is THE place to be to experience Day of the Dead – very excited.  I always am amazed at the long list of practices, beliefs, and background, as well as the similiarities, and differences this celebration carries.  All part of the magic of enjoying the culture of Mexico and having amazing experiences in the United States with haunted houses, fall pumpkin patches, and more.

National Novel Writing Month is kicking into gear, and becoming even more exciting.  We have students who are represented on Amazon from their novels, teachers finishing their novels, and students from kindergarten in summer school gearing up to finish their stories, and just received its to reward those that meet their goals in writing, it is exciting to have the Upper School Library and Repentino. pair up to find the exciting parts of writing, more than just numbers.

Add to that the breakfast we have on October 30th in the student lounge in the Upper School first floor lounge to celebrate participants, October is definitely full and that is not mentioning it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Global Dignity Day Wednesday and tons more!

There is much ugliness in the world, we see and hear that every day.  Yet, the numbers of people who have a good heart, have access to social media that can chnge the feelings of despair, isolation, and helplessness is great, so hopefuly you can see the exciting events happening around you, and incortporate some time into adding a small, or large, aspect of how you can make a difference not only on Wednesday, but for weeks leading up to what we are thankful for on Thanksgiving!

About Harry Brake

Employee of Woodbridge High School, Library Media Specialist, Media crazy! :)
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