Quilted, Jilted, Gilded, and Still Learning…

An amazing and beautiful night, Dizzie Gillespie and Etta James as amazing as they always can be belting into the night, and you realize, life is absolutely amazing in so many ways.

It is difficult to describe some moments, ideally everyday, if captured in pictures would remind us of how we are so incredibly lucky to have the people and experiences around us, despite the bad that comes along with it.  My attempt at a blog here was to attempt to capture information that is deemed valuable so the use of a blog can outlive it’s life, and serve to continue to help others beyond when it was created.  Yet, along the way, just as in life, I have picked up so much more.

This past week, one of the best film festivals in the world – The Mexican International Film Festival kicked off October 15th and ends today.  Last night to me was the culmination, but more on that later.  Check out what was offered that I was able to catch in between so much going on:

Last of the Elephant Men  – The beauty of nature and the horror of humans to destroy it.

Tobias  The amazing Oaxaca-based story of a young man that is determined to use his present to determine his future.

Naked War  A deeper look into what feminism is and the efforts it takes to bring truer actions out from others – powerful.

Twelfth Man – Being on the other side of the soccer lines – awesome.

Ausencias   – The start of this film takes your breath away and then reaches into your soul and sits awhile – and then leaves you with so many emotions, you are speechless.

Chau, Beyond the Lines – Heartwrenching yet eye opening for each of us to make a difference in the world and when we think we are, there is so much more that can be done.

Memin: Cronica de un boxeador  LOVE the words and comments – and inspiration this AmazIng Mexican trophy winning boxer documents.

The Invisibles     So true, we often get used to seeing the homeless and this unique depiction of individuals that need our hope inspired me in seeing this video of an genuine man – homeless, receiving a $1000.00 lottery ticket – Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 8.05.06 PMand he just broke down with amazement it touches you to your soul.  Check my Facebook page and scroll down a bit, it is SO WORTH THE view.



Act, Way, and Wind  – This compilation of mashed videos and montage music and images  100 different meanings an interpretations result.

Then Then Then   Amazing look at various protects and a call to awaken to civic responsiblity of the past and the future.

Tijuana Strangers   The gritty reality of live on the streets and how one individual can make a difference.

La derrota – Wow – I was taken back in seeing how hard it was to get the losing fighter out, I need to research more about this – I know nothing.

El Sudor de la agonia it is so easy to look past the reality of a country’s needs – if it were not for these type of experiences, we would go through life unflinching to those in need around us.

Amy – WOW – I mean in Parque Mexico, a beautiful sky, a beautiful night, and a story that  CAPTIVATES you and truly, heart-breaking.  I looked up at the sky, and was amazed at the beauty of the night, and being able to witness this looking the full life of Amy Winehouse and HATED the fact I watched her perform live only the last few years of her life.

Her voice is like no other kind for her age, her spirit and energy as she flipped through and was excited about Jazz records – then calling her friends and saying “You’ve GOT to listen to this one!” That was the Amy Winehouse that went on to put chills UP AND DOWN your spine when you hear the words, tones, and what she was capable of – we are very rarely to hear the likes of Etta James and Natalie Cole among us and for sure, from the album she recorded with Tony Bennett to seeing the thrill she had when she put herself into her grief and then through her singing – her mournful story and what she left behind us was felt by everyone of the hundreds that were there Saturday night, it was an experience that is once in a lifetime, and it was certainly something that changes how you feel about many things.  Sounds silly, its music right?  But there was so much more in the layers that were unveiled – an amazing night.

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 8.20.20 PMCan you believe it?  Aside from the five awards the 2014-2105  staff has obtained for a fourth Repentino. it is SO exciting, SO EXCITING to see a young staff come into their own building on what has been created from previous years.  Without realization, each year keeps becoming successful because of the know how and learning of the year before and even though many staff don’t know everything that has been done the year before necessarily, they rely on the energy and creativity of the staff before them to continue this belief in spreading that creativity to the communities around them.  I am so excited for the Repentino. staff and the hard work they have put for this event and am excited to be getting this streamed live – so much excitement for them that this will be a landmark moment for them, – I can’t put into words how much I love them and am proud of them  🙂

I have three more amazingly important topics that have touched deep thanks to topics that those around me have brought up, so I am going to focus on those for the next blog, they are that important – in the meantime hearing All I Can Do Is Cry by Etta James and At Last brings an night of cool air, on a rooftop in Mexico, on a night full of thanks for nights like this when so many near tragedies occur around us, I am truly thankful for having the moments to reflect and appreciate all around us.  Add in Lady Be Good by Dizzie Gillespie – again – no words!

Quilted, Jilted, Gilded, and Still Learning?   Amazing how life experiences are like a quilt, sewn together and definitely connected when you have some amazing people to talk about these experiences and exchange the reactions to events that occur around us – Jilted, as is true, so many people get jilted and ask, “Why Me?” instead of – “What can I do to make this a positive situation for me and other around me?” (I am majorly guilty of this)  – Still learning?  I realize I have so much of that to do.  Amazing what a simple Amy Winehouse movie can do, but her life – just no words I can put to describe what I felt after that view.




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