A Man walks into a Grocery store…

…that’s right – not a bar, a grocery store. Here is a great story for ya!
So I am in Sumesa, getting ready for a Thanksgiving dinner, making Peach Cobbler – still in my ASF shirt but trying to get the ingredients prepared for the next day meal – and a guy walks up to me.

“You still work at the American School?” Startled, I thought, well, okay my shirt. I looked at him and he looked SO familiar. I found out why. When I first came to Mexico City, literally like the first month, an awesome massage therapist here, Screen Shot 2015-11-21 at 7.50.20 AMMark Bazzell,

Screen Shot 2015-11-21 at 7.50.36 AMtook me in and took me to places he knew I could get furniture for my apartment. One was a location in Roma Norte, a PACKED building full of furniture up to the hilt, used, by treasures (no longer there I asked!). This man was the man in the building that helped me sort through the floors of all the FURNITURE!

Now get this – I no longer have my glasses, my hair is cut short, and he recognized me five years later. It made me look bad in being able to remember anything at all. WOW. In the course of conversation, he helped me with transferring the ingredients of shortening, Baking Powder (Magy from ASF already helped me with that) and a few other ingredients, while also searching for Lemon Juice in the store – ONE BOTTLE LEFT! – HECK YEAH!

I mean, how crazy and funny is this moment? A part of my past like 5 years ago, in the form of this amazing guy and now – he fishes early in the AM and brings the fresh fish to supply restaurants in the area with! WHOA! The cool adventures he now embarks on, and just the fact that we stood there in the aisle and had conversations ranging from what our Repentino. students have been doing, his change in careers, his ambitions helping build my basket with items I still had difficulties with, and really walking out with him and just conversing like we had picked up from the first day I arrived? – moments like these, with some really genuine individuals – are moments that build to the countless days and moments we should be thankful for constantly – leading to Thanksgiving.

So MUCH has happened in the last three months, and I have lagged but catch up is inevitable. Stay tuned, so many things to celebrate and Thanksgiving is the PERFECT backdrop. That pie – yeah – it was amazing because it was surrounded by some amazing people!



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