Add one huge dose of Humanity First – Combine with Social Community Media Interests = One Amazing Pizza.

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 12.51.11 AMWhat occurs when two businesses converge in one night to promote one another, knowing they are improving their immediate community?   This rarely occurs, unless you are Yelp and at Pixza on 162 Liverpool in Zona Rosa.

Out of say 169 restaurants now in four years from Washington D.C., to Chicago, to Detroit, so Chicago, to Mexico, there has been no restaurants that have blown me away, like this one.

I joined back in “Yelping” using my blog and experiences to help supplement many places i have been to and noticed a chance to visit a pizza place I never heard of through Yelp, why not?!  – WOW.

Without knowing ANYTHING, you notice the narrow but long establishment, very tricky from the outside to realize there is that much room, AND comfortable.  Add to this great tile, cool comfortable interior that does draw you into the end of the area to a great counter with great mouth watering pizza.  But the details catch your interest, the comments on the wall, the electronic tally clock on the wall, what’s that?…

Seriously, get this – when you buy five slices, one goes to someone homeless from Pixza – hence the electronic counter of deliveries made to a refuge,(Instituto de Asistencia e Integración Social en la Instrumentacion DEL Proyecto la Ruta)  and they did their FIRST major deliver TODAY- July 30th, 179 slices… Oh no, it does not stop there – the shelter receives the delivery  and yes, they have been recognized by the SECRETARY OF THE MEXICAN GOVERNMENT (you can see the certificate on the wall) – but not just for that – no, when the individuals receive their food, they are expected to volunteer BACK, and in return, they earn bracelets, that after doing so much – they receive free services like haircuts, baths, and more – talk about a RECIPROCOL EFFECT!  THIS BUSINESS DID THIS AT THE BEGINNING of opening instead of developing this as they went along – I mean, WHOA!   Does that tell you a LITTLE about what this business set out to do in their community FROM THE VERY BEGINNING?

The pizza, the postres, holy mother of giving and appetite, wait until you see how topped these pizzas are – and you will see getting a slice of one of these is not just a slice of pizza, Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 12.50.57 AMit is a MEAL, and a chance to help someone get up and into an opportunity that could change their life, how often can you be a part of that just by ordering lunch or dinner?

Then I can’t even tell you how GOOD the playlist was here, here is a sample: Freedom, Stand By Me, The Mess Around, Staying Alive, Can’t Help Myself, Stop, in the Name of Love, Be My Little Baby, Superstitious, and that is just a START.  Not only do you just feel good by going here, you feel like a new person when you talk to Alexandro and find out how he graduated from Columbia University in Public Policy and brought this BACK to Mexico -and you realize, after seeing the wall of messages and slices bought given to the homeless in the store, how MANY people CAN make a difference  just because on ONE company – that encourages patrons, that works with YELP to make a difference.  Do the math, get every business in the WORLD to take this initiative from the very beginning,and do you know how fast change would occur?  Faster that broken promises by lousy/weak/ineffective politicians, potential presidential candidates that mean NOTHING behind the talk and threats, and businesses that have ceased to think of how they can help others which in turn will help them, and they don’t realize, they will prosper as a business because they have others lives as a concern FROM THE VERY BEGINNING.

DELICIOUS servings of a CRAZY variety of pizza, and how refreshing to say this is a secondary element to a business that has decided to reach out and help people in their own community at the start? You HAVE to go here just to hear the stories of how this revolutionary little Pixza center, which uses NOTHING but 100% ingredients FROM MEXICO, and blue corn – has begun to change the way we see how businesses should model best practices and has become a LARGE factor in the future of business and community.   I can’t even begin to tell you what the postres look like, you will have to dive in to believe it while your heart expands and reaches out to those that can use your support.

In talking with the owner, Alexandro, just LOVED the fact he came back from Columbia University, where we sojourn every year to share so much talent and bring back talent to enhance what we have been hoping to do in reaching out to everyone through Repentino., and you could tell from his commitment, and the gracious time the waitress this night spent with me explaining this all as well, there is SO MUCH more behind this pizza than the 100% devotion to blue corn and Mexican-only ingredients.

The side wall is great as the individuals have left hundreds of inspirational quotes ; add into that the quotes from Carlos Fuentes, Gandhi, Aldous Huxley, The Beatles, Aristotle, Plato, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Maxi Jazz, Friedrich Nietzsche, and James Sabines that are truly motivating in nature, you realize there ARE so many firsts here.  Truly being the first store to do so much for humanity and use local resources to “fuel”it all, the bracelet, the recognition from the Mexican Secretary, the extending opportunities to homeless to get off the street, it is OVERWHELMING.

When you step back and realize how amazing YELP is for being a social and community group to bring this to surface, you realize the potential social media and organizations actually have if they put their influence to help just ONE area of need, we have enough to easily change the world and with ingenuity and creativity could easily make a difference that would make other nations PALE thanks to the population sizes that are an advantage in Mexico and the United States.

This is an amazing model of how a combination of successes can still benefit the public at large, which gives you the best feeling without even the experiences of delicious food (and do NOT forget the postres  Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 12.50.22 AMthat came out of the kitchen that are mouthwatering.  There are so many enticements when you walk into Pixza, and the heart of it is how GOOD it feels to have the chance to give back.


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