Pushing Success Through the Arts – A Silent but Powerful Message

Screen Shot 2015-07-25 at 3.58.46 AM Yes. It is here, the Leonardo DaVinci and Michelangelo exhibition at Belles Artres.  This exhibition, if given a chance, when you soak in the amazing art around you, you realize there is a message at every turn to every visitor, all these years later – to every single visitor.  There was a little bit of work involved though, as well is any part of the above to achieve a satisfying end result.  Opposed to thinking I’d walk right up and get the ticket, I saw long lines on either side of Belles Artres, thinking (that can’t be good!).  If you try to go in and get in line for tickets, they ask you to go back out and stand outside to wait to get inside, lol, then you make your way to the ticket office.  While standing waiting to get in, I heard that tickets were unavailable unless for tomorrow’s exhibit, none for the current day. (This exhibit must be pretty popular!)

I stood my ground, and yep – made it to the ticket window and one WAS available to come back at 8:30 – and I was thinking, I THINK the museum closes at 6:00 PM but just happened, I picked the late night for it to be open YES!  I said he, he said you are sure – 8:30!?!  and I was like YES!  (thinking night might be kind of cool!) and yeah!  TO not make the chance of being in Centro all a loss (it wasn’t actually) I grabbed a chance to go through the Historical Postal Office nearby, and as always, taken in by its glamour, brass, the efficiency that all seemed to occur (reassuring myself my package, sent my USPS would arrive a-okay!) – and took in showcases of the postal service I missed hanging on the other side of the hallway.

After then going on to see the Museo Nacional de San Carlos, some amazing timing in seeing Salsa competitions, and just taking in the amazing ties to the Davinci exhibits at Belles Artres, examining the periods of art and standouts that inspired Mexican artists during those periods, it just dawned on me.  (Actually while taking in the exhibits at Belles Artres).

If you listen, take your time, and just observe, I believe the individuals we consider the classics, from Frida, to Diego, to da Vinci, all had certainly a higher purpose and talent during their time.  I also believe, based on the works they took on, they hoped this would reach beyond their lifetime, and I think even more than just observing.  In taking in the sketches that seemed as if they has just been done with the strokes and shadows, the murals that come alive in the nightlight at Belles Artres, the silence and hallowed air as you take in classics from Europe, Mexico, and all over the world, there is a feeling, at least I feel, that encourages and motivates us to use their exhibits left behind and push us to what we are best at.

Don’t take me wrong, I am grateful to have these exhibits in the first place to relish, but it should never, ever fail us to use their talents and remember, each of us have talents that should be exercised in celebration of what we can each to, be it singing, famous directing of orchestras, helping others through various paths, illustrations, writing,connecting people with each other to better the world around us, as you know, the talents each individual possesses is as diverse as the places you can find remnants of Michelangelo and da Vinci. If we surround us with individuals that are always pushing the limits of their own abilities, then it becomes natural for us to do so, and I feel the same will occur among colleagues, students, and adults.

The wasted time ruminating on what you wish you could do could be replaced with what hasn’t been tried yet, and if this was implemented with everyone having a conviction to do this, think of the ways we could end problems in India, Haiti, and all over the world. It is important that art is recognized as a part of the Core in Core Curriculum, in doing so, you tap into another tool that allows you to be supported in reaching out to individuals and allowing them to succeed. In my 19 1/2 years involved with education, I have yet to see how art has failed to allow me to reach every student, in some aspect, be it to be motivated, be it to successful in a talent they never had the chance to explore, or be it to make a connection to something they are familiar with to acquire something they are not familiar with.  Sure, seeing amazing exhibits this summer has been part of the enjoyment of taking in your surroundings, but also, the renewal to reinvigorate ideas through the mediums provided to use, from these classics?  Priceless in may ways for us to be able to grow as learners constantly.  I recalled a quote that Lucio Ocejo put on an Art Fair poster, “Art is not a Luxury.”  We see evidence of this is in the successes of artists of the future as well as the artists that have given us a future.            


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