Dog Parks and New Hires – Discoveries Inside and Outside of Your Being Making the Difference in EveryDay Life

Many, many times I have fallen into finding a park, finding a way to a particular market or museum, only to find that all this time there is another more efficient, or alternative location, or event, or attraction, that has existed and eluded my attention.

Those are good days as no matter the area where you live, you receive a brand new outlook on your life, be it impacting your schedule or attitude towards things for the better.  I know, an example is in order.

Taking a new route in the AM walk with the dogs on a Saturday, I made my way to Alexander Pushkin Parque and literally stumbled across, NO! could it be? – a small, enclosed dog park, (Corner of Morelia and Tabasco)  well maintained, and within a 5 minute walk of my apartment.  Traditionally, I hiked (not an unpleasurable walk at all) to Parque Mexico to a great enclosed dog park there.  Finding this quaint and easily accessible dog park was one of the great finds of the weekend – being able to see how happy Kinah, Wriggley, and Amaya were doing laps within the border of the fencing, they loved the smaller amount of space to run yet enjoy tackling each other, and involving the few dogs inside that also wanted to be part of the “play pack.”

It was easy to transfer this small but cool find to the past week of newly hired teachers arriving at ASF, seeing Mexico in brand new eyes, whether they had originated from outside Mexico or simply transferred within, as members of the Welcoming Committee, we get the privilege of also seeing the familiar around us with new eyes and appreciate the country we find ourselves now calling home.

I also realized how far I have to go to really undermine the characteristics and inclination I have to complain about things that I should not even address.  Being in Mexico has certainly changed my demeanor, attitude towards taking in what life has to offer, and has chipped away at how better to work through obstacles in a much more positive note rather than get bogged down in attitudes of regret and regression.  Yet, the learning process is even that more pleasurable with amazingly positive, enjoyable, and pleasant coworkers, both new and returning, that remind you every day how much we should appreciate the experiences around us.

Screen Shot 2015-08-08 at 12.56.54 PM    Seeing Andres Jannou and Rodrigo Zarate AT ArtSpace for their gallery show last night, enjoying the information provided by Peter and Lidia from Azteca Travel at Spice Everywhere Screen Shot 2015-08-08 at 1.00.37 PM certainly also allowed me to reflect on the “wonderfulness” of good and positive people and experiences around us every day, and appreciate the detailed events I experienced while I as in the states.  Life is so full of possibilities and exciting discoveries, from a closer dog park to breaths of fresh air every year through new friends, but if e leave every day with these abilities to appreciate the details we often take for granted around us? – we will literally be “new hires” every year in attitude and what we can offer others as well.


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