Paths Winding Between Two Worlds, On and Off Stage


There is always a shifting inside when I am realizing the finishing touches of something amazing, that came together, are concluding.  Usher in the amazing finesse of Into the Woods and seeing a diverse group if individuals coming together, to form something not even in mid a year and a half ago, and you begin to understand why.

Having the privilege of taking in the individuals that you do not see during a performance, you realize the whole new life that exists back stage, before cast enters the stage area, the lighting booth, production details, and the fact that so much goes on, among so many people, and they definitely appreciate each other for it.  How do you put all that into words?  That is quite an impossible feat but, yet, pictures and just being there is picture perfect.

Everyone dreams of an organization or activity where diversity is celebrated, every individual is uplifted and overall, things that came together in the beginning fit every tighter by the end.  Those that do experience this feeling and are involved in such events, I truly believe touch what it means to connect heart to soul.

Being behind the lights, the stage, scene changes, being able to take in what it takes for the light crew, as well as seeing the work every night for costumes, helping between sets, etc – WHOA.  Again, a whole new world exists both on and off stage and to witness this over a span of two weeks is a dream come true.

The members that are Alejandra, Andres, Carlos, Emilio, Enrique, Isabel, Javier, Jeronimo, Jose Fernando, Mateo, Miguel, Patricia, Regina, Sebastian, Su Ji, Tyler, Renata, Victor, and the amazing amount of time that Teruhi, Hugo Rosanna, Rob, and Director Alvaro, with the even stronger support of the Communications Department – all put together the belief in those around them and you see the results.

Again, it is being welcomed into someone’s house an allowed to take part in how much this overall production has meant and continues to mean. Thanks to the quality care by a light crew such, Tech Club, stage management, supporting parents with amazing food for so many, as well as set designers, and so so many more surround a talented and diverse cast? – perfection is defined in a variety of ways through all these individuals…

IMG_2768   …and a deeply committed and caring Giovanna that tricks you by her quietness yet impresses you with her costume detail, there is a world just behind the curtain of Into the Woods that few can imagine thanks to these believers that combined with the cast, shed light into the very darkest part of any wood.

The last performance weighs heavy on everyone – and I would have never guessed how easy it was to be sucked in, and sucked in I was, and the generosity of those around me that put so much into something that uplifts and connects so many?  Some go through life never being able to say they have every had such an experience, and that gift is worth going into the woods for.  Hope to see you tonight in what has become an emotional, creative, and dynamic representation of what occurs when you strive to put heart into everything that is brought to your door  🙂

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Employee of Woodbridge High School, Library Media Specialist, Media crazy! :)
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