Deeper than the Symbolism, Worlds Away but Close to the Future, and the Oscars.

In looking at the Oscars, you can also interpret how we live our lived based on our selections/choices and favorites in films.

Right before I boarded the plane headed back to the states, I caught the film Selma.  I LOVE the fact that this comes in the middle of Black History Month.  While it seems distant for anyone in Mexico to recognize Black History Month, I think it is vital to remember, and this was brought to my attention ever so clearly, thanks to Brad’s Pitt’s help in an amazing film titled Selma.  I realized, as I am lucky enough to have people, events, and experiences to remind me, that universality is the idea that – if you allow it – can influence people, what we do in this world, how we treat others, and where we choose to go in life.  What I have found is that does not come to our doorstep.  Not at all.  We have to be on the move for such things, always looking for something that gives us that new information that inspires us motivates us, and opens our mind to the view that yes, the world is a larger place than we think.

Every time I get ready to jump on a plane to the states, I get nervous like I did when i was at the starting line for a 5k, 10k or a marathon – and that lets me know there is still exhilaration in a location that personalized with you in some way, shape, or form and means so much.  That lets me know this it is important.  The same thing occurred in Selma, and I thought of how we packaged books for Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 7.31.23 AMBlind Date with a Book this year, how patrons delved into books such as The Invisible Man, Home, and more, and it matters.  You hear the age old complaint of when are we going to celebrate White American day?  Don’t be stupid.   We have so many American Days, where we celebrate every race as a whole, and as a bonus, choose specific cultures and races to celebrate again, that is the beauty of America as well multiple awarenesses and multiple chances to celebrate the diversity that makes American , America.  It is the duty of citizens of America to respect that fact that diversity can reinforce the very values that keep American America, not what others try to do to change that.  Being able to celebrate many cultural and racial backgrounds multiple times and if in the right mindset – be grateful to have reasons to celebrate those around is and with us, is a true America.

Selma brings to life the sacrifices and demands for freedoms often denied so may people around the world, and connecting what we do in our library, what we do among people around us, what we strive to do in MUN, and so much more?  That is the beauty of opening your eyes to the world around us.

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Employee of Woodbridge High School, Library Media Specialist, Media crazy! :)
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