Experience experiences…

I am sure it is in the genes.  I am not sure how else to explain it, but the aspects of life that mean the most to me, are the dramatic.  Be it the World Cup – (HOLY COW MESSI and Argentina!) a movie that will never leave my memory (Meet Joe Black, The Fault in Our Stars, countless others), or that lasting memory of a friend leaving and boarding a plane until next time you are not sure when, drama is what I seek out to find meaning in life.  So it comes to no surprise when Julio posted this general statement abut reading, it stuck permanent:

“Yesterday I came to the realization that I have quite the love/hate relationship with literature. Those who know me well will realize that I collect books like a hoarder and read almost every day, and yet I’ve slowly found myself hating the experiencing of reading literature. My problem is that I find myself living vicariously through literature. I experience and understand lives and worlds that having to do with my own. And when I examine my life afterwards, I’m left with this somewhat hollow feeling of meaningless as I cannot achieve that which I aspire to.

The actual sensation of reading is wonderful and has me enjoying every second of it. It fulfills the primordial desire of adventure, but when all is said and done it leaves me with something else…the pain that what I want to experience most exists only on words printed on a page. Whether it be a life of a vagabond or the adventures of a demigod, literature teases me with this experiences as I read and then once the book ends so does the vision of that life. Reading has become the best and worst thing to ever happen to me. I know that I will never stop for I love books too much, but it still shocks me how much joy and pain these simple stories can cause me.”

I could not have said it any better.  I live for reading literature younger than my age and level to see what is new out there bunching amount our teens, as well as those younger.  Sorry, I want to stay involved in all aspects, not just one, or two.  When you take anything, be it reading, horse riding, designing, creating, expressing, visiting, viewing, anything and you make it personal, and then make sure you share a little of that with someone else, you changed something in life.  You didn’t reman passive, you didn’t stand by and let lie pass you on by because it is anyway, you attempted to make a bump that other will notice, and sometimes that is all that is needed.

I will end this celebration of summer for today, with the champions of Argentina and Germany meeting this Sunday, with the promise of many books and films for us to discover, and even the promise of an exciting new year, showing you that stories on Google even can have a little touch of personal feeling with their 2014 Valentine stories, that touch aspects of personal to each one.  (I did not even become aware of something called Google Doodles, thank you Veronica!)

Google Doodle stories from February 14, 2014.

 “You don’t get to choose if you get hurt in this world, but you do have a say in who hurts you.”  – Love this.  Again.  Drama.  I need it in little doses to guide me  🙂



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