3:53 AM? Seriously…

That is the beauty of vacation, being able to do what you want, WHEN you want.  I like most of the time working feverishly when I feel inspired and being able to take a nap, go to sleep, and wake up and start again, but WHEN I want.  Most of you know  this is usually weird hours, but it wow well for me and sometimes some creativity, good and bad, comes out of it.

Here are the thoughts I ad as I walked the street with the dogs, when it seemed liked we had the whole city to ourselves.  I still say there are very little places like Mexico City on a rainy, early morning feeling the freshness of an abrupt interrupted rain, amazing.

Hope you like it!

Urban Mexico Explorers

Waking up in the middle of the silence – dark, feeling early, aching of waking – but

The silence prevails and moves you to action knowing, you are going to worship alone.

 A process waits for you – dip a cup of late night dinner, portioning out among three, leaving plenty of agua to share, letting the explorers awaken to the early morning Grab shoes, grab chains, grab last months newspaper, to-be explorers in a “holding area” out into…

…a wet wonderland where they have become used to silently making their way to the outside, aware vaguely others are just getting to the point of setting their heads to rest, for the night or early morning, risk-takers and darers of time and the approaching day.

Excited to see the damp yet lull in the torrent season, out we go, into the recently flooded monsoon urban neighborhood still hearing drip, drip, drip following our lone steps across a different path than taken than the previous nights excursion to add to the beauty of this silent, wet, secret night where few roam except in their bed, in their dreams, we prowl where


Have been before, with and without these thoughts.

 Clack clack clack,,nails on a wet and slick pavement, the poetry of our movements – blends with the tap – tap – tap –  of a water stream using the balcony above me as a trampoline – and we share these secrets together,

Three afghans and I – in the heart of an urban Mexico City – daring others to wake to the beauty they do not know exists around them every waking morning.

 Yet, the city shies away in quietness from the approaching Lunes, with its quietude, we continue to admire the morning walks that remind us, beauty fills our waking and non-waking moments, as along as we take time to…

Smell the roses…

Caress the night…

Invite beauty to enter at any moment,

Even in the dead of the urban Mexican morning.


About Harry Brake

Employee of Woodbridge High School, Library Media Specialist, Media crazy! :)
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