Sabrina, the world, you and I.

First, before I begin, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!  🙂

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Hey there! one of my friends cousins has a stage four brain tumor. She’s like 7 and the one thing she wanted to do was see the world. You think maybe you could reach out to some of your international friends and see if they’d be willing to take a picture wherever they are with a sign that says Sabrina?”  (See my next to last paragraph of this post to see how you can be a part of something amazing – I hope you will join in! – it will change her outlook on things!)
       Okay, I admit, the above message is not your typical Facebook message from a fellow Repentino. staff member, however, it did catch my attention.  On the day of Digital Literacy Day, I realized, Digital Literacy is not about the apps, the computer, or the network you are using, it is about taking technology and figuring out how to reach others and make life better, combining technology with what the real world has to offer, few realize that ; while some make technology their everything, it is vital and a true example of learning to see those that take technology and make it a part of the world to make it better, technology is a tool but truly, not everything.  In the movie Her I just saw, I do believe the main character, Theodore, realizes this through his experiences of technology taking up so much of his life to a certain point.
      As Repentino. continues to evolve into being a magazine that reaches out to people to help them get noticed, and help their situations through their talents, and become truly a charitable project beyond just a magazine – we hope you check out the Tumblr site to be a part of our efforts on this Digital Literacy Day and also be a part of what Digital Literacy Day has to offer.  In addition to our staff being a part of this Digital Literacy Day and preparing to take the Repentino. show on the road to New York in March of 2014, a moment to reflect on what American really means…
     Some of you saw the article on the outrage about the Superbowl commercial that has American being sung in different languages.  If you need a recap, the link is here for this.
       Overall, in being outside the U.S. for three years, my perspective has changed majorly.  MAJORLY.  I tried when I was in Delaware to bring a perspective students would not normally see, I learned that from Dr. DiMarco in World Lit, Slippery Rock University, and never wanted my students not to realize what was just beyond the classroom door.  In coming to Mexico, I realized that America was North America, South America, Latin America, and beyond…it never quite hit me when I was in the U.S..  I love the United States but I want it to be better.  How?  To realize, acknowledge, and understand other cultures do not exist to be imperialized, taken over or controlled, but exist to make us a better person and have an even larger awareness of what the world could be if we all put in our thoughts TOGETHER.  The greatest gift has been looking at the United States from the outside, inside of within, and views you never knew existed appear.  I hang my head about the comments made about the commercial of so much controversy, because I want to be know as a citizen of the U.S. that embraces diversity that makes the U.S. a country of open thoughts, not closed doors.  I feel many people have so far to realize this, yet, that depends on individuals that want to change the perspective of the U.S. and how we are perceived by other countries.  I still believe the U.S. should not be a police force for the world, but an advocate of change, equality, and bettering the world, not trying to be better than everyone IN the world.  I think there is something in a seven year old who wishes to see the world, knowing she has limited time to do so, and we have the ability to appreciate the world and many of us are NOT appreciating the diversity the world has to offer, is that ironic or is it just me?
      Here is a commercial break – and I want to say, it is ironic, within the last three years of being in Mexico, I have found on four different occasions money lying on the street when I have been well, walking.  Tonight (this morning) I found 20 pesos on the sidewalk walking the dogs, three months ago, going to Balderas market with friends, 40 pesos, before that about a year, 50 pesos, and of course, when I was in Delaware escaping a bad job situation in Pennsylvania, I had lone and behold found a twenty dollar bill that got me to my new job until my first paycheck – what does that mean? I have NO idea but, I am not complaining… okay, end of random thought commercial and my last statement for this blog…
 Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 2.33.51 AM  This is the next to last paragraph I was speaking about! I would ask each of you if you would be willing to submit a sign with Sabrina’s name on it, and especially for privacy reasons for students as ASF, a picture of something showing where you are from and a text somewhere stating where this picture is, it will bring the world to Sabrina, and she WILL be able to see the world thanks to you.  What better of a way to show someone the world, using technology?  Exactly what I was trying to say earlier in this post, we have a chance to put together a project for a little girl that most only could dream about, and in Digital Literacy Day, I can think of no better way to celebrate what technology really could strive for, real life hands on experiences.  If you want to send them to my google mail, which is, I can begin to compile them into one long project for her – I am not sure if you can submit photos here on my blog in response to this post, (I know you can leave a comment, but think the ability to leave a picture is not possible)  I feel this could be an amazing project that will represent each of you and change a sever year old’s heart and mind.
Also, (I like this option better) I created a Facebook group called
Sabrina travels the World and if you want to be a part of this, I can invite you (just let me know via email or Facebook (My name is Harry Robert Brake there) and you can post your picture there for here and when we are done, (maybe a week?) I will let her in on the page!
       Personally, my life’s goal would be that I want  to leave so many things behind that will/would make the world a better place; this would be the legacy I would want more than anything else, and if I would be remembered for that, I think that would be what I have worked for all this time.  In doing this, and maybe unknown to others, but I would be celebrating lives of individuals that meant so much to me, a true Paying it Forward!  I hope you will take my offer of participating in this project for Sabrina, as I feel this is only one of many ways that you can show, worldwide, we are truly one beating heart.


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