“I am haunted by humans”

As the last lines of The Book Thief rolled across the screen – I was highly – highly impressed with the deepness and feeling that went into this film.  Yes, as they often due, humans do have this aspect of curiosity.  I noticed this as I walked the streets the other days, seeing the person bike by with an amplifier and playing guitar as he passed block by block, seeing the car of angry people because they are stopped by a taxi in front of them losing 5 minutes, sensing the hurriedness I sometimes feel creeping up, witnessing the moment of getting a hair cut by someone that can put you to sleep in three seconds with the brush of her hand, stopping by the corner pizza shop and being reminded good-anturedly that three slices come with a three soda from a complete stranger, hearing the quietness of sleep in a 5-10 block radius in the early hours of morning, on and one the moments roll like a reel film.

One of the highlights this week was Young Adult author Adi Alsaid, also ASF Assistant Basketball Coach, drop a galley copy of his book by to do a first read.  Exciting to have friends that think of you like that!

Perhaps the easiest part of getting lost in The Book Thief is seeing how you can get lost into Liesel’s eyes as you find yourself sinking deeper and deeper into the story.  Memories of the film, Meet Joe Black came back to me from the depth and level of commitment the characters put into getting the feelings to come out from the screen into the viewers.

Then let’s take a look at the film Wolf on Wall Street.  This mimic of scumbag Jordan Belfort, it is easy to see what money can do to people and ironically still does as it seems Jordan is just a different type of jerk outside of Wall Street today.  While a great film in showing the debauchery of money, I felt myself sad in between moments at the deepness of being lost that Jordan found himself in just when he had chances to right the wrongs.

Going to American Hustler, which I thought I would HATE – every time I saw the previews I thought – gross, cheap and not well done movie that will be.  I was wrong – and Jennifer Lawrence did pay a different role as I imagined, as someone urged me to consider in seeing the film, and Hunger Games never even entered my mind as I witnessed her transformation.  I have seen a run of films that have depicted real life events of the past, as well as many depictions in these two films, of how corruptness came back to haunt the chief characters.  Is the film business sending us a message?  I am intrigued with the film “Her” and look forward to that ending this weekend.

Working on the books Under the Volcano, Spontaneous Healing, and finished with Let’s Get Lost, I am having a content run of good books with much insight.

Repentino. is exceeding expectations as two staff members received honorable mentions for their submissions to the Scholastic Awards, we are gearing up to prepare for Digital Literacy Day, and sales of magazines are moving forward, as well as preparing the outline for the 2013-2014 Repentino.  Now to get the 2012-2013 magazine to artists from last year.  Always motion and moving required to keep moving forward.  January 29th’s Open Mic saw 72+ attendees, as well as some amazing performances with Tony from Egypt with Mr. Isaacs, Mr Vinelove, then another act with Sadie and Joe Edwards killing it with ASF students – amazing talent put together under one roof – so many more to mention and it is exciting to see the performers improving so much within one year

SUPERBOWL!  Look, I like Payton Manning and love the Bronco’s but, I have this spot for a team (Seattle) that has never won a Superbowl, and that is one team this would not get close to the Steelers with rings so in that respect, wouldn’t it be cool to Seattle obtain a win?

Of course the commercials remain one of the most exciting aspects as well and without the Steelers in the Superbowl, sigh – it seems not like a Superbowl at all.

I like the additions I am making to restaurants as well as unique places on the corners I find, so check them out on here as well as they continue to grow.  Some good pizza at a few new added restaurants to the list, and hope to see more exciting and refreshing food as time goes on.

There will be many more new things to come, but in the meantime, Happy Constitution Day Mexico – I feel there are many new things to occur with Mexico as well, and it is exciting to have a front seat to the changes.

About Harry Brake

Employee of Woodbridge High School, Library Media Specialist, Media crazy! :)
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