Vision Board…

That’s right, Vision board!  As we held our weekly game night Wednesday, amid a heated game of Taboo – the word vision board came up for the word – Dream – and although a little out there yeah – I like it VISION board.  It sounds expansive – and applies to alot of things we should all have a regular personal bulletin board of our Visions, dreams, and aspirations!

What a week, and yet many things just appearing everywhere

-5 students will actually be appearing AND PRESENTING at Columbia University – with 22 students attending the Conference in March 2014!

Digital Literacy Day is February 5th!

MOOC -ED Digital Learning Classes start today!

The 2012-2013 Repentino. is out for sale!

– Chapultepec does NOT let dogs into the park – FYI!  LOL

– Wednesday, this WEDNESDAY – at The American Legion – 7:45 – Trivia games   start – get a team of up to five and be there!

Overall, as 2014 is rolling in quickly, I have to say, I HATE the cold, and this is nothing compared to the cold being experienced in the northern areas, YET, cold is cold and I am wondering, what is happening to the climate changes – What the heck!

Everyone keeps asking me what I think about the Superbowl, yet, I DO NOT CARE unless the Steelers are in it – however, if I HAD an interested opinion, I think it would be cool for the Seattle Seahawks to get a Super Bowl Ring – I think their first, no?

I find myself becoming more and more independent and wanting to experience things on my own this year, but I like that.  I am beginning to see that I am making up for all the time I delved out so much time to others, so now it seems is payback time to find myself in many new experiences, etc.

I am looking forward to heading back to Delaware for Spring Break and it will just be nice to be in a different place revisiting memories from the past.  🙂

As I work through new restaurants and new experiences in 2014, as always, I am grateful for the friends and family that make these experiences what they are, and help shape the way I see things and how they relate to me!  I am very interested this year in attending several Creative Writing Workshops to work on that aspect of experiences I need to strengthen.  What new experiences do you look towards in 2014?


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Employee of Woodbridge High School, Library Media Specialist, Media crazy! :)
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