Yes, Tripping.  Seeing the film, Upstream Color wow.  Most would say, “Too Much going on, which came first the chicken or the egg. and need to see it again!” This Sundance Film is elaborate and brilliant, just give it a chance, trust me, let is soak in when you walk away from it, talk about it with someone, and intellectualism will appear, promise. LOVED it, loved the Pink Floyd “The Wall” feel to it, and it IS brilliant! – LOVE.

Meeting Marco Antonio Karam, President of the Casa Tibet Mexico, at the Tolerance Museum, AND seeing Richard Gere’s collection of Tibetan photographs, AMAZING.  I mean, AMAZING.  I learned so much just in talking with students, hearing Mr. Karam talk about the rainbow body  (Cool things, believed in this one particular cave location, (Milarepa’s Cave)  after full meditation, goal is to attain recapitulation – you become this burst of energy – leaving only hair and nails behind – since no nerves in this part of the body) achieving the ultimate level of attainment, the rainbow body.  We should all attain to be the most energy we can always be in our lives – always) among many other fascinating items, AND then going to an amazing restaurant, Tandoor in Condesa with India experts Isabel and Amy and family, amazing day.  it got better – Game Night with Sandra, her cousin and partner, Kirk, Camila, Tony, finally a good weekend.  😉

Today!  We are off to Pinche Gringo BBQ with a group then shopping. GORGEOUS DAY today!

Speaking of Tripping – three hour dog walk this morn, FIRST time the pups went into the Rio fountain and they LOVED it, and well what else can you say?

Reading my former Editor in Chief’s bio below on her recent tripping experiences from, well, you’ll see, everyone should be challenged to make the most of their days, amid the good and bad, and you’ll see good eventually does float to the top:

“To all those who made my trip the best experience of my life, thank you. The trip comes to an end and I am forever with pure amazing memories. / To all those who made my trip the best experience of my life, thank you. The trip is coming to an end and I’m keeping all the incredible memories with me forever.
Alberto Vadas Thomaes (the person most essential of my trip), Euge Guerrero the amigocha, Ana Graham and Patricia Ortiz to save us when we were stranded in Edinburgh, Monika Hall, David Hall and Steph Bell for the awesome first workaway experience, Henry, Rosy, Elaine, Svenja, Bernadette Thomaes for welcoming us into her home and showing me how to cook, Truyts Hans and Sara Vloebergh and Karen Truyts and Erwin Bogaerts and Kirsten Van Damme and Ellen Van Damme for the great time in Belgium, Ann Thomaes by the Mexican salsitas and the incredible journey in bike, Stahl Man, Manne Nordh, Mariana Zi, Abanoub Tharwat Malak, Dhab Mohamed for rocking our in Berlin showing support in a moment of crisis, Nur Ma, Kilian Zeta and León León by treating us like family and opening the doors of your House/bedroom, Anna Krenn and family Krenn for teaching me the most beautiful of Austria and for welcoming me with open armsLing Parisxalapa by
philosophical conversations and the great help to get to the railway station in time, Mireille Alexandra Combari for the awesome time in Paris, Soraya Soraya for being the same friend as always beautiful, Tamara Andraca session therapeutic we lay, Melissa Ohayon, Michael and Sebastian Garcia Luna Muñoz for the first Christmas away from home (which was totally and completely unforgettable), Ana Sansó family, Clara GS and Paty PS for a great new year, Peguels Leyba PAVITOOO TE AMA! My dad mane De la Parra for his support today and always, and my mother Luisa Leyba, who without their support I would never have dared to cross the pond.”

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