Tumbling out of Bed to Tumbler Session Monday, July 01

Screen Shot 2013-07-08 at 6.29.39 PMThat’s right, no matter where you are Monday is Monday.  🙂

However, I found out the amazing workshops I found began to occur Monday, I had been able to find workshops that were powerful and effective moreso after the weekend if I sought hard enough.

The first workshop was again packed and out the door, but I was able to do alot of followup and obtain many many resources the following were able to present:

Rachel Fershleisher      rachelf@tumblr.com | rachelfershleiser.com    @rachelfersh

Molly McArdle      mmcardle@mediasourceinc.com | tumblr.libraryjournal.com  @mollitudo

Erin Shea   eshea@darienlibrary.org | darienlibrary.tumblr.com     @erintheshea

Kate Tkacik    katelyn.tkacik@bmo.com | thelifeguardlibrarian.tumblr.com  @lifegdlibrarian

Here the the really brief notes I took as again, the lines was out the door…


and the very very priceless links that would prove, and do prove worth following up even more:



and the Powerpoint for this presentation:


I like the following quote:


and the following is very good to know after reading one of the above articles:


“Tags are what make Tumblr go round. The tags Tumblarians primarily use are #libraries,#librarians, and #tumblarians, with an occasional helping of #politics#history,#education#lit, and #tech. (You can find a list of popular, curated tags at tumblr.com/explore.)

One important tip to keep in mind is that Tumblr only makes your post searchable by the first five tags you include. You can go over that number, but your post won’t appear in searching for keyword number six and beyond. Choose wisely.”

I can testify to the power of Tumblr as we used Tumblr thanks to Alia and a few others to collect submissions for the magazine and our submissions SOARED for Repentino.  As anything, I feel with a strategic plan, this becomes a powerful tool!  I loved this workshop even though I did not catch all of it and it DID make Monday so much worth waking up to.  Wait until you see the next workshop and information – AMAZING and very inspiring!

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Employee of Woodbridge High School, Library Media Specialist, Media crazy! :)
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