July 01 Mid Morn Architecture and Libraries Workshop

June 01 Midday Session

Screen Shot 2013-07-08 at 9.55.16 PMThe Sacred and the Profane : The Library and campus Identity in the 21st Century BES-BCUL

AMAZING!   This was a GREAT GREAT look at how architects, administration, and libraries work together  (and not) and the international perspectives as well.  I could have sat here all day this was so technical but interesting!

This is the Prezi presentation:

And the web address for the Prezi if it freezes!


and the notes from the Workshop that ROCKED!

MONDAY SESSION Sacred and Profane

I like these two quotes to summarize the libraries and how they should be as well:

The best libraries are the ones that support the campus via architecture and the mission of the school relate to the feel of the campus through the library.


in response to this question:

Why do we need them (comfortable spaces) in the library?  Library space is expensive compared to other spaces.  Why important?  Multifaceted spaces – places students can record using microphones, digital media, and can have spaces to read as well.

Need social spaces as well.  Reading rooms made for groups as well.  Small and large learning groups, communal spaces, etc.  Different functions of the library, traditional groups studies, students reading, lounge area and open – transparency.


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