March 18th, 2013 – New York TAKE OFF!

Monday –  As I begin to try and catch up in the wee hours of Monday morning, our plan is to meet at the airport at noon and then prepare to take off from here!.  Any problems, my phone number is 554 834 5606.  Look forward to a great beginning photo and then the photos begin of our trip!

Mrs Clarke, thanks so much for the Sushi you sent to the meeting, it was DELICIOUS., my gosh!  🙂

We started off last night among the attending members talking about connection in New York we will have to Ed Sheeran, 😉 (close, we are on his trail!), then how we can help facilitate the interest in the New York Times article on the 911 Educational plans we need and will go through to achieve an amazing experience with our 911 student committee, on top of meeting withCharity Water group this group’s grant company, expressing an interest in helping them as they work through the grant process in Ms. Dixie’s glass, specifically, this is Charity Water, located in New York!  That is only HALF of our trip!  Not to mention the cool ideas we have for our presentations Wednesday and Thursday!  Don’t miss the chance to back channel with us and join us at 12:30, Wednesday and Thursday, at 12:30 Mexican time – here to join in our conversation during our workshops at Columbia!

What alot to thin about!  Details about how this all plays out on just getting here Monday, will be below!  🙂  Thanks for joining us!

First comments from Natalie on the trip – 2 down 7 more to go!

Screen Shot 2013-03-18 at 6.58.59 AM

So, we all get to the airport, excluding Natalia who was initially waiting at ASF, and thank goodness they called, we got her here, once all here at the airport, we settled in to light discussion on what would we expect, everyone a little excited.   FINALLY, we took off to New York!  It seems a longer plane ride due to screaming children on board, but overall, we all got on without any complications, and as we exited into the U.S. customs, everyone was getting excited aside, from touching down at about 22:30 Monday night.

We were able to get onto the shuttle, all 9 of us, and we were headed on our way when, amid the exclamations of “I can’t believe I am here!”, everyone began to realize, “SNOW!”  LOTS of it, show plows, snow removers, shovelers, TONS OF SNOW everywhere! From the shuttle it looked awesome.  Natalie was awesome and got our keys for us, and we promptly checked in, a cool 8 bed dorm for the girls, and in 15 minutes we met in the lobby at the ripe old time of 12:30 at night.  We ventured out and found out old haunting pizza shop, La Familia.  We ate there but OH, the trek there through snow, everyone realized how WET, cold, and miserable snow can be on a night when it RAINS, like tonight.  By the time we ate and got semi-dried off, we went back out, half the group taking a taxi, the other half braving it to the drugstore for incidental items, and soaking wet, and Natalia, Alia, Alice, Ana, all laughing and carrying on, we realized when we got back to Jazz on the Park, we were wet, cold and now TIRED.  Around 1:30 in the morn, and it started to hit us, and we called it a night?

Plans for tomorrow? – We exchanged numbers, and set the time at 5:15PM to meet in the lobby, and we will make our way to Mel’s for dinner, to prepare for the first day, and wow – the first free day of freedom before the conference.  This night was an excellent trial run for all to see who needed gloves, scarves and items to waterproof their feet from the elements of slush, rain, and cold.

A long day, but we arrived with so many new elements of snow, coldness, and just NEW YORK, it was picture perfect how everyone just clicked and things worked out on our first day in NEW YORK!  🙂


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  1. Patricia Clark says:

    Hi Harry! confirm I am doing fine ja ja Natalias Mother

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