Post Birthday, St. Patty’s Day – New York Here WE come…

Nervous?  Yes.  The DAY before New York, AND ST. Patrick’s Day, (Edinboro University’s version of the Fight Song (Scotland the Brave) and the bagpipe version of (Scotland the Brave) – St. Patty’s – my FAVORITE Holiday… we have a lineup of speakers that is well, amazing, that will enlighten us on the behind the scenes of Broadway shows, theatre, drama, journalism, and well, everything.  EVERYTHING.  Excited. SO EXCITED!  Thanks to Janet who arranged so many meetings for us, SO MANY.

My birthday was a realization of how large this New York week will become for Repentino., and how far I have come with making Repentino. a reality thanks to the hard work of Camila de la Parra and her insistence on continuation.  VERY important.

Shocking and ironic that 16 views on March 16th, my birthday? Or coincidence?  Hmmmmmm…Danielle has placed her blog on her voyages to Morocco, VERY exciting.  LOVED IT.  I think we can start a world voyage of blogs if we keep it up.  🙂

Random acts of kindness, last Saturday, I was walking and used the ATM for Bancomer along Insurgentes, there was an ATM card still left int he machine, sheesh (I would never do that!) Scoffing, I did my first week here, lol.  So I grabbed the card, waited for a few minutes, no one came back, and then when I arrived home, emailed Bancomer and told them the account and the name on the card to try and help.  A few days later, I received this message:

Hello Mr Brake!
Thank you very much for your Honesty!!
This card no longer works, you can terminate it for security.
Thanks again!!

BBVA Bancomer     EDGAR HERNANDEZ      Preferred Customers’ Unit

I think it was awesome they did get back to me and thanked me, and was grateful she did not have money stolen.

Next random act of kindness, crossing the street, Friday, a man yells at me and my passport had slipped out and was laying on the street.  You do not have to say anything…leaving for New York in a few Days, Passport gone, um, yeah.  The equation is an easy one, he was AWESOME.  A few days later, in Sumesa, man comes after me in the grocery store telling me I did not get all my change from him, and gives me the 50 pesos owed.  He did not have to do that at all, he is a bagger for the store, but yeah.  Being nice pays off?  It does, just it is easy to let it go unrecognized when it happens, so here’s to the times when it DOES occur.  Cheers!

So, Friday – heart beating after the surprise party  (thank you again!) – after school fling, just was distracted and could not get into it as much as I wanted, coming home, flurry of activity.  I somehow must have missed one payment to the electric company, and my electric, despite making the last payment, had been shut off since, what?  Sunday?  After checking meters, and probably some other illegal connection activity on the part of neighbors to reinvent electricity in my apartment, my neighbor traveled to the CFE (Mexico Electric) and paid what supposedly was owed, and on and “Its electric!”  (Sorry).

While paying him back for this favor, (Thank you!) I had the next door reupholsters, take my couch and chair in the living room, and they tried first to figure how they got the pieces IN the apartment? – then struggled four flights down, and finally, out and will be ready, stain free, new upholstery, smelling FRESH, with a poofy, sink in style, and covered to protect from future incidence of hair, smells, etc.  This will be GREAT. 🙂

Amid that, I saw friends down the road, at my #64 restaurant, Traspatio, so I stopped later and that became my last blog!

My birthday, yesterday was just nice to reflect and relax after a late night out before.  I made it to El Ocho, and thank you Osseily for getting me out of a payment jam last night, and bringing new friends, AND starting off the evening!  It was a night to remember, and just because we played games, enjoyed the moment, and I realized how lucky I am to have friends, and especially like Osseily.  This was what a birthday is all about, celebrating the relationships we have and realizing how lucky we have it!

Tomorrow – destination New York – I have loose ends today of posting last read books, clearing my camera cards, memory sticks, loading many restaurants to catch up on my blog, clean the apartment, organize further the apartment, organize papers for New York, make sure Kinah is taken care of in the absence, so much!  🙂  But it will be worth it, I get back and…SPRING BREAK!  Which will insure that I have my flat painted, organized, clean, and ready for yeah, SPRING!  AGAIN, excited that I have breathing room now.

By the way, EXCELLENT BOOK as of late, Sherman Alexie’s, War Dances, AWESOME and a purchase from Under the Volcano Books,  GREAT FIND. Yep, check the book and restaurant part of my blog tomorrow, on our vacation – Benito Juarez Day.  (Celebrated on the 21st, BUT, we have Monday off for it?)

🙂   Next post will be documenting our 2013 New York adventure  😉


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