March 19, 2013

Tuesday –

I do not know about anyone else, but Alia and Natalie Cruz seemed more awake than me, lol…but they needed a towel so I grabbed one for them, and then came back to the lobby and was told breakfast was served in the basement, AND my delivered package, before 8:30 AM, was here already!  🙂  YEAH!

This is Jazz on the Park, no frills, yet, eating bagels, muffins, OJ, downstairs from the pool table, among many other people from other languages and countries, some people would be like, “Ohmygosh, this is PRIMITIVE!” yet, it is what makes Jazz on the Park, Jazz on the Park, they will go to any lengths for you, and are super amazingly nice, and are all for the person here, and you, if you are that type of person, learn to appreciate this is NEW YORK and yet, this very simple hostel is willing to do anything to let you see the simple things in life, without blocking them with the complicated.  I LOVE this place, the staff, and all Jazz on the Park represents, period.  LOVE IT.

Here is PROOF that there is snow on the ground from my third floor outside my room



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