Sundays are made for lovin- and lovin’ is made for Sundays!

Sunday – I love Sundays, I mean TRULY love Sundays!  I just sat down to take in the dog behavior class, then met someone from the UK that works at Greengates, he was awesome and had three stray dogs (ahem, I am not the only one!)  – then ran into Amy Gallie going to Yoga, and well overall, a great day!  I have begun to take advantage of the things that I often say I do not have time for, – seeing movies, reading whole books, enjoying the view of the air in a park – this is what weekends are all about…As usual, I’ll go backwards a bit…

Saturday, sleeping in, trying out the drink Chai Chiller at the nearby Origenes, then Saturday night  (a GORGEOUS and warm evening for February!) – seeing the movie Mama in Balderas, when was the last time I saw a scary film? Irony – in the middle of a climatic scary moment, the film breaks!  No kidding, all light go down, everything stops, and it was humorous for all that this occurred.  However, in 5 minutes (maybe 10) all was restored, and though I jumped many, many times, it was pushing yourself to go on a rollercoaster – you know it is going to scare you, maybe make you sick, yet you do it.  Hence, scary movie for me, plus that was the only thing that seemed the most interesting at the Balderas theatre.   The day before, Friday, what a beautiful evening again!  I love this weather!  Friday was full of just not hurrying anywhere, heading eventually to the best pizza joint in my area, sorry, this was is on the lowdown as a promise to someone that I’d keep this place a secret, and then headed to see Les Miserables.  Let me say one thing, I NEVER read the book, NEVER read anything about Les Mes, and going to this not knowing anything – was better to me than having studies it for ages, the experiences was amazing and I walked out truly enlightened – LOVED IT! In some instances, ignorance is bliss!

Looking back to Thursday, our February Open Mic, skd283026sdcwhoa.  It is amazing to see how in one year the volume of people has grown so much – I counted 55 people, FIFTY-FIVE PEOPLE – amazing.  Yes we were a bit rushed having it at 4:30 but, the amount of talent, diversity, and culled events since we started this a year ago is amazing and makes me so proud of the performers and Repentino. staff. Tired and exhausted the day after?  Absolutely – but so worth it!  J  Looking even back to January’s – many sick individuals at this point but we had a full night, and for once ONCE, we actually finished early – so another first in another format – as the deadline gets closer to the due submissions (MARCH 1st – please submit your photos, writing, art, before March 1st – we want tons! – and the time comes to when we present at Columbia University as an international magazine – I have to say – I LOVE IT.  I love the apprehension that comes with NOT knowing what this year will reveal as a magazine – that is the whole reward and strength of it each year – not knowing then working through to get to knowing – but if you have staff surround you that are uninterested in personal fame or something just to put on a resume, it doesn’t work so well, so that is why I have come to appreciate the staff so much, their true colors regarding art and their commitments to representing a wide audience come out and do need to be recognized.

I am seeing myself progress through my graduate school classes, my last semester of two courses, then one over the summer, and my portfolio being put together for the Fall, and my gosh!  Could it be? No school for once?  No kidding… Thinking of my friend Natalie that just had major surgery, and already again, I see March coming and going and in a blink, the year will be my second at ASF, new staff coming, a new year new individuals at ASF, and the one pervading theme that helps as a constant, relax, sit back, give time to take it all in, and simply enjoy the days we have been given to bask in the sunshine of the awesome people around us.  I am SLOWLY, slowly learning to slow down the list of things looming over my shoulder called to be done and remove them one by one… or is it I am being able to delegate things better and have awesome people around me?  I say it is a little of both, but maybe more of the second.

VERY excited for the Seaford run-a-thon series occurring starting with the Vince Morris and Dr. Betts 5k Walk and run MAY 11, – Dr betts and vince morris app– this is a personal favorite of mine and I look forward to this a meeting a longtime acquaintance I haven’t seen in ages.  So many things to look forward to so, it is vital and important to bask an take these memories and events in one by one.


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