Sunshine in the light of a normal week…

Two notes, Osseily and Daniela, two amazing individuals from opposite spectrums of the world, but yet, on one hand you have one person who has given up so much and sacrificed much to be able to simply write about music that is created around the world, representative of so many different cultures and beliefs, and the other a former ASF Mexico City student, yet maintaining contact with me, coming into the Middle school years herself, yet devoting so much time to her inner creativity.

I think both have a message that is worth carrying to everyone – be true to yourself, but do not forget that allows you to be yourself.  I think it is worth walking away from your job if you can’t seem to find yourself amid your dreams, desires, and what you are good at.  it is often too true of a “dream” to go where the safe haven is, to find a safe way of life, but I have found out, after so many years, too late I feel sometimes, I found out money, advancement, etc, often is not worth the missed and quality experiences that can be obtained by being the person you can be, and well as be in deep involvement of what it means to be true to yourself.  Is a pay cut, a raise in your own personal ladder rung worth walking away from and having those experiences?  YES .  I never regret the decisions I made when I began to see actions/employment compromise my values,  yet, my deepest regret is that I did not act sooner.  I have come to love all things involved in the risks that I was once afraid of, yet blindly walked into.  I realized that it is not worth second guessing or turning back…;)

About Harry Brake

Employee of Woodbridge High School, Library Media Specialist, Media crazy! :)
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