Ode to Valentine’s Day and so much more…

In retrospect, it has been an AMAZING, amazing two weeks – truly!

Let me  explain – remember that crazy week I went into last week, in a past blog, of the constant humming of events one after another, when you look closely, I realized the things that I didn’t mention that made these events, (aside from the fact that I survived last week) that the details that most might not see at first…

How amazing was it to see 3rd graders from ECC and my Advisory/Homeroom working side by side on a popcorn bracelet project – I mean – AMAZING – the fun those younger student had and yes, the FUN my Advisory had – I was MORE than impressed with my Advisory/Homeroom student, I mean, they were unbelievable and I was EXTREMELY, extremely proud  – What a GREAT way to start off Tuesday….

I love seeing the MUN occur at ASF, Model United Nations has been hands down one of the best events I have ever seen, I mean ever seen 😉  – and seeing the ambassadors, country representatives, and more, it was an honor to be able to be a part of all this and what an education about other countries and their connections to other countries, and so on…

Well I have to admit Thursday night last week was stressful for planning flights for my Magazine staff, I have to say, what a big pay off to have everyone finally booked and a relief, and I couldn’t help but think of the experiences we will have while there – very excited despite the hardships we’ve had to get there…

Personal Project – I have to say, the projects I heard, I was so proud of Alia, Alice, Miranda, Nicole, those I was able to hear – the determination, self confidence, and belief in what they did showed so strongly in their descriptions.  I means so much to me that they made these projects personal, and it seemed like I had seen them grow before my eyes just listening to them explaining their individual projects.  I was just so excited and I silently predicted how successful they would be as they get out of school, and I was so —  PROUD – of them   –  🙂

I have to say, looking back and in this week, for the first time I can remember, this was hands down the BEST Valentine’s Day I ever had, I mean E V E R.  Why?  Thing is, I think about my students from DE nonstop, and I am so lucky to have had the time and experiences with them, that keeps me moving forward, and wow, I am even as lucky to know I have the students surrounding me now, they are 100% amazing and just – well the best Valentine’s I think I might have ever stumbled on, so yes, they make the day the most amazing without a blink, and every time I look back on how lucky I could be more, I can’t because I am completely surrounded by creativity, talent, excellence and most of all, all around amazingness.  I want to hug them and do with a smile every time I see them and to put it plainly, they make the Best Valentine’s, New Year, and every holiday – they have become my best day when I need it most  😉




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Employee of Woodbridge High School, Library Media Specialist, Media crazy! :)
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