SHORT WEEK? In whose book?

Let me show you the rundown even though we had Monday off for Mexican Constitution Day…

Tuesday Morn is the popcorn event with my Advisory/and Homeroom meaning my Homeroom will work with ECC 2n grade students making popcorn bracelets…so homeroom, attendance, then reminding everyone to show up at 9:00 to work with the younger students, I was worried I had not given everyone enough notice…

9:00 Brunch instead of 9:10, homeroom students arrive early, yeah!   and here comes ECC, and no kidding, it might have been the most fun for half an hour we ever had, the kids from ECC LOVED it and we had all the homeroom students helping and working with them…amid the daily library needs of copying, laptops, borrowings, etc…

ADVISORY!  I almost forgot!  It was Advisory Day!  I pull all the materials together for Advisory, but remember!  We have classes coming to the library from Ms Mercedes’ class on referencing using databases – so we managed to get materials ready for the incoming class, then before you know it Advisory!

Using this chance to prep students for the Wednesday session of MUN, it seemed we were able to get everyone ready and aware of tomorrow’s MUN.

Making it through the rest of the day readying items for the Book Sale, putting the Chinese New Year ensemble up, we realized this was ONE BUSY Tuesday!

Coming in early was a must, setting up the Fiction room for the MUN ambassadors/representatives.  Projector, chairs, screens, samples of photos to advertise the school history of 125 years, just enough before students start coming in the morning.  Wednesday happens and we realize the setup for the library has not been done, so students in MUN come in at 8:00 to welcome ambassadors to the MUN sessions that will occur today.  Representatives here, and  Brunch comes without a blink, and we realize that the MUN Workshop will occur in a mere 30 minutes!  Making sure all presenters have a laptop, we realize that this could get complicated.  Chinese New Year decorations until 5:00, and we now see elements of internationalism as the hall and library turn red.

Thursday allows us to realize that this day, is the one respite from such a roller coaster of events occurring all week! Two TOK lessons, many requests for printing amid printing problems, setting up laptops, getting ready for the big Day of Personal Project, then realizing we need to get students on a plane for New York and not delay anymore.

2:30 PM becomes 11:00 PM before I even realize it, as all students except three are now booked for a NY flight, and I walk out at 11:00 PM knowing Friday, Friday we start all over with the crowds and throngs preparing for an Awesome Personal Project.  I don’t remember  falling asleep Thursday night but do remember how early Friday seemed to come, and out the door at 5:00 to get to the school and ready the day for one instructional class if TOK, bit before that (4th period) I prepare tables, signs for the library booksale before anyone hits the campus ground.  Then I move onto helping get students’ laptops for the Personal Project, do not forget to mention the Homeroom, as they are 10th grade, needing assessment forms, places to store their project for Personal Project, the morning was like Grand Central Station until the first period bell rang and my 10th grade Homeroom set out to conquer the world with their projects –

Booksale!  after judging 4 students’ Personal Projects during lunch, we help relieve shifts at the book sale for the Upper School Library, lasting until 2″40 where we pack up what remains, as well as tables, and get all back into the library.  Again TOK was involved as most were shocked that they had to create their Investigation paper in 1700 words, 2/3 of the what the Investigations part of their paper calls for for February 20th.   However, I manage to get out of the class, and finish up the day – tables put away, books packed, make it home at 4:00 on a Friday and literally collapse….

Short week?  technically, the days were shortened  by one day, yet it truly seemed like a full week without even thinking about it.

Before next post, processing the things not thought of or seen from these events, I need a Nap, reliving this week’s schedule has wiped me OUT! 🙂


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