Kinah’s long walk…Voting in Roma Sunday – What will be the outcome? Or income?

Okay, catch up time, so this was a post I never posted because I was missing the photos, so this would have been a little after returning in January 2013….

Since coming home, wow.  Getting back on track has been moving past getting Kinah healthy and out of the mode of feeding her medicine, lifting her head to take the medicine, to getting her to eat, getting her to walk, getting her to drink.  Finally, today, we took her longest walk since her major sick ordeal.  On a Sunny day, we headed to the park bordering Celayos, 2013-01-20 23.59.17hung out there awhile while I was trying to ease a headache away I awoke up with, the moving onto Parque Mexico 2013-01-21 00.52.16where we spent most of the day, from watching the park wake up around us and taking in the dog and clown shows (not like the phrase horse and pony!) and then moving onto fountains, side alleys, moving onto Pa2013-01-21 01.12.38-2rque Espana, (being interviewed outside of Animalia about how I acquired Kinah!)  Condesa, (LOVE THIS SCENIC VIEW!)2013-01-21 02.25.56,  Nuevo Leon, and back through Cuernevaca, and back home – with some scenic stops in 2013-01-21 01.57.352013-01-09 00.35.04Parque Mexico (KINAH!), arriving back around 1:00, having left around 9:00 AM, ending with eating at Wok This Way, Kinah’s favorite place to visit and sit – as well as mine.  Kinah’s tranquil and love to be outside disposition was back, and while people constantly stopped asking questions about her, seeing her back to enjoying the outdoors helped make the day – the weather didn’t hurt either!

Meter Voting in Mexico lately (old news now but wondering the outcome?)

Article on meter voting from Sunday 

Lately there has been much activity of voting in Roma North and South, and this is about parking meters.  Currently there are no parking meters in Mexico City, and well, if you are lucky enough to catch a parking space that is not being sold by an attendant watching for spots and holding spots for income, then well, you get the idea how competitive this is.   I have two main views on this, since the government truly does not seem to have any kind of care or program to help those making way below the wage, letting attendants work the streets for parking spaces, as well as continuing to let street vendors sell items in Alvaro Obregon and along the Centro, I feel this is the government’s way of letting individuals earn an income, to take this away – well is the last chance the government has in showing they do not care about the poverty or rich situation in Mexico.

Reaction in Polanco

Something can be said for the fact that parking meters would organize the street parking situation better but would the people that need the money receive the money earned from the parking meters?  Also, oddly enough, in a colonia that can afford it, Polanco, where meters have been placed, scratched meters, drivers that park on the sidewalk, and individuals that refuse to pay the meters all continue to be the reactions to meters, soooo, if an affluent area like Polanco has that reaction to meters, what will occur in other colonia?


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