¿Qué harías de tu vida si el dinero no importara?

Truly, despite the lack of posts, every once in awhile a person comes along and says it in a words that do not have to be spoken, so in celebration of that, here is a video, followed by the short poem of words and feeling that made me celebrate I am to have so many precious individuals in my life….


New Found Me

I’m not very good at it…

I’m not experienced or very well-versed in saying goodbye so early

When I feel we haven’t had the time to say hello,

Even after months that turned into years…

Hello…my name is Mr B and I see you as a

Different person every day – so how do we have enough time to

Share these glances, glimpses, moments of laughter that change every

Day, if we just stop the circuit rat race and stop, just stop….and

Actually, breathe, breathe the moments in that we often find ourselves too busy

To collect, celebrate, to give a chance to say hello, yet differently, every single day.

I’m not the awesome one, when you stop and realize that you put us all together in a room and you have one heck of a molecule of happiness,

You have a force of will that will, will not bend, shatter or be disappointed…

“You all will come off that mountain when leaving here and wonder, if you can ever get that feeling back” I vaguely remember that camp counselor telling me, and it was true, for one short week I was among strangers that became family, and wondered how I would snap back into the real me, or what I thought was a version of a real me…

Who know, a lifetime of years away, I would be surrounded by individuals that encouraged me to feel like I was in that camp, on that mountain, among that crowd of strangers that became my family – instantly.

So yes, I dread the goodbye we will have to endure months before it occurs, and yes, I am not very good at this new found sense of longing for time to pass slower in order to go back and make up the seconds, minutes, hours I should have celebrated moments better, more endearing, yet…

You’ve changed me and that will be something that never leaves me, I will see you in the lines we look over, searching for a new sense of beauty…

I will hear you in the careless laugh of a new student, old student, new senior citizen old senior citizen, you have slowly become of my outer shell, my new found spirit of noticing life, and yet sometimes, I find sometimes, just sometimes,

I’m not very good at it…


About Harry Brake

Employee of Woodbridge High School, Library Media Specialist, Media crazy! :)
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