Look Before you Dive…

fiscal-cliff630I have had many questions about what the fiscal cliff is, so I have this link that helped explain it to me…

Fiscal Cliff

I think I am most upset that an agreement has not been reached and that it seems individuals are too stubborn to put what is best for the country first.  I have questions though:  Is this a result of a bipartisan group in the Congress?   What affect will this have on school loans, credit cards, banking, and credit cards/lending in the U.S.?  Will this push other countries ahead of the U.S. in the economy?  What will this do for education, industry, and the value of the dollar?  Will an agreement be the ONLY thing that will save this from being worsened?  Any comments/questions you have, I would love to see/hear them here to help clarify this.  🙂    Thanks!



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