Pics from the road… :)

Here are some pics from the road on the way from Mexico to Delaware, sure, there are a few pics missing however, I have to save some room for some cool pics on the way back  🙂  This is he view out of Mexico, about 4 hours out of Mexico City – noticing the line of trucks an buses coming INTO the interstate, I was on the way in the other direction – WHEW   🙂

2012-12-21 23.14.13

Then I felt this view, about 20 minutes outside of Nuevo Laredo, close to the border by about 1 hour,  was a breath taker, and wow – a picture worth a thousand words?  I just could stare and admire the mountains…2012-12-22 05.43.09

This next photo was before Neuvo Laredo – but I just admired the solitude, isolation, and just raw geography of Mexico as you see this – making driving through this country a peaceful, almost meditating experience, which adds personality to the idea of cross country driving.

2012-12-22 04.58.31

The next photo, emerging from Mexico into the states, from Bridge #1, at Laredo – not a great, clear picture, but just the same, amazed I was here at 7:00 PM the first day out, happy to be entering the states! (Referring to the night picture below)    I was also afraid of taking photos at the border so I laid off trying to clear the picture as I waited to come into the states.

2012-12-22 08.55.57

Next, we see the morning of the second day, a morning heading out of Victoria, Texas, (with the tree shadow picture) with an awesome sunrise.  (There were sheep in front of me, but it is difficult to

2012-12-22 21.02.17see those!)  However, my first morning after I started out, I began to get excited knowing I was getting out of the southern U.S. and making my way north.  Fuel, gas, wow.  Truck stops, I never paid more than the nether regions of 2.89 – 2.99 per gallons, so I was upset seeing 2.33 per gallon with the exception of far out places…loved the price and mileage I obtained between truck stops…below is $3.03 which still was in the mentality of being high after hitting a run of 2.89 area costs per gallon, but overall, I knew these were the places to fuel up as frequently as possible.

2012-12-22 23.00.18

Love this pricing, yessss….

2012-12-22 21.08.15a little higher, I still liked the pricing on the interstate – so hope this will be the case as I look for these areas on the way back…:)

2012-12-22 22.35.29

I couldn’t g2012-12-23 00.00.24et a good pic of this while I was driving, so looking into my rearview window – I snapped the profile of Houston as I bypassed it and went towards Louisiana,

and this was the view from  inside the Mountaineer, my directions propped in the middle, and me killing off the chocolate kisses given to me by my students at ASF, yes, this was the third box of kisses, I believe I knocked them off in one day – my lapse from eating chocolate being broken in by gifts and adding some extra benefit, I did see one in a store in Mexico,

2012-12-23 00.59.15

but maybe the Yoo Hoo just tasted better because I bought it in the states, ohmygosh – Yoo Hoo is awesome!2012-12-23 04.21.03

Moving on, we begin through Mississippi, I can feel the direction of Delaware slowly…:)

2012-12-23 06.30.02

Then as you see below the Mississippi pic, the second morning on the road pic showed the road in front of you…second morning/day I found myself trying to get out of Tennessee and into Virginia, out of VA the third day to get to DE  :)…

2012-12-23 20.27.52

and seeing that sign of Welcome to Maryland, VERY, VERY excited – VERY to be out of Virginia, honestly, it seemed like this took FOREVER, longer than Texas  🙂   When I was able to see the Bay Bridge, wow,

I knew I had made it finally on the third day!

2012-12-24 02.45.52

One thing that I realized, I loved making the trip, it allowed me to take in how many scenes I had forgotten to see and the changes from Mexico to Delaware 2012-12-24 03.25.25 were beautiful, so yes, three days does not measure a plane trip that can get me to DE the same day, yet the experiences along the way were better than the convenience of speed, and helped me to anticipate the arrival with family even more 🙂family pic1


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