NEW YEAR’S EVE…what does it mean? to….you?

2013-01-01 12.59.54Okay well, 40 minutes left..and a few memories to look back on before 2013 occurs…

Tonight I was able to meet with long time friend and confidante, Linn Duryea, at Bethany – we went to2013-01-01 07.18.53 Dos Locos, a mexican restaurant at Rehoboth Beach – where I met 2013-01-01 08.36.53-2Danielle Levredge and boyfriend, tonight being the night before they leave for Morocco – Paris for a month!  I am so glad I got a chance to see her before we left – wow! We walked Rohoboth Beach – 2013-01-01 08.51.43boardwalk – get this – the picture on the left has a cross and a stuffed animal for every single student that died in the Connecticut school shooting – somber and awesome to know that this is something to reflect on coming into a new year – then Starbuck’s – (wow, we do not have any of those?!  LOL) – then onto what used to be Timothy’s (now Beachcomber’s) – to hear the band Divine Proportion – they were rockin’ good with covers and a tune that was awesome!  🙂   Back as the Duryea’s and celebrating together with friends, and as they say, the way you spend the new year at the end is the way you spend it in the new year – friends is a good way to start  🙂

Okay – resolutions – very important –

1 – Being more available and aware of the events, birthdays, etc for my friends everywhere…

2 – Pushing myself in the writing area to be published and to represent my Nano rumblings in a more published forum…

3 – Become more fluent in Spanish

4- Incorporate technology and education on a librarian level as a profession – and use technology to impact many many more people and mediums

5 – Get back on track with running, and improving my overall physical shape.

6 – Be more environmentally active as I was in DE, and do this on a more global scale.

7 – Improve my blog and reach more countries, reach more people, and impact them in a more beneficial way.

Happy New Year everyone, please feel free to leave a comment of one important resolution of yours is!


About Harry Brake

Employee of Woodbridge High School, Library Media Specialist, Media crazy! :)
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1 Response to NEW YEAR’S EVE…what does it mean? to….you?

  1. Nice post, Harry. I too am going to try to learn some Spanish this year. Have you seen this Spanish MOOC? Starts Jan. 21. I am nervous about it (I’m horrible at languages), but am going to try it.

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