D.C. Highlights not normally seen…in one day.

2012-12-29 01.32.242012-12-29 02.03.31Whoa, D.C. has a ton of things not seen, and I tried to focus on taking pictures of them before I headed back to Delaware.  On a windy, yet unsnowy Friday, I headed out with a list of items I needed to see – the Martin L2012-12-29 01.04.15uther King 2012-12-29 01.18.28Memorial, 2012-12-29 00.00.31Arlington Cemetery, the American Art Museum2012-12-29 03.11.34, and seeing what Georgetown was like – and along the way, I snapped moments at the Vietnam Memorial2012-12-29 01.25.26 , the the wall for Vietnam Veterans  , as well as the Lincoln Memorial , as well as the American Art Museum to drop off an autographed version of Natalie Merhcant’s book to Adrienne Gayoso – who helped present with me in Las Vegas yet was sick the whole time leading up to that. I felt she so deserved that instead of me, definitely!

I was home by 2:45 PM so not bad at all!  🙂




About Harry Brake

Employee of Woodbridge High School, Library Media Specialist, Media crazy! :)
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3 Responses to D.C. Highlights not normally seen…in one day.

  1. bryan hill says:

    Love the photos Harry. Happy New Year!

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