Onrush…and afterthoughts…

As we prepare to return to DE, and before New Year’s even hits, I as almost everyone realizes, that family 2012-12-25 23.55.542012-12-25 23.57.15 is the most important facet of a New Year’s resolution, and one

that seems to matter most.

2012-12-25 23.21.01In looking at our pictures here you see delicious food, 2012-12-26 03.27.39 and circles of family that can’t remember that last time we were all together in these numbers.  2012-12-25 23.44.28  This becomes the most valuable item and gift over the holidays.  You can roam anywhere, discover far away places, and feel confident in doing so when you know you have family tucked inside somewhere.  🙂    2012-12-26 00.12.41

Don’t hesitate to check out the What and where Should I read section of this blog, as new texts and reviews are being added every day.  The Goodreads widget you see on the bottom right is perfect, as you can see a snapshot of the new books we churn through each day – 🙂

Onto Delaware and then we will see where out adventures will turn next 🙂


About Harry Brake

Employee of Woodbridge High School, Library Media Specialist, Media crazy! :)
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