2012-11-04 06.20.25Maybe this is info is from before Day of the Dead, sure, but check my face 2012-11-02 08.18.15book and you will see so many of them!  I traveled to Reforma to see these awesome figures made for Day of the Dead, and line Reforma they did.  Yet, I failed to realize that they would be coming to the streets of Alavaro Obregon!  No kidding, and still here.  Many of these figures have hydraulics lines built in them, and as they made their way down the streets, steam would emit and surprise the spectators.  You realize the intricacy of these figures as you get close and see their handiwork, all of them fantastical in some format but always bright colored.

2012-11-04 04.36.00

I liked the small wooden versions of these figures you can purchase, where I often saw them on Oaxaca.  Day of the Dead was more awesome this year than last due to the amount of entertainment that was brought in our back yard, concerts, the many ofrendas, and so much more each night, it was amazing.  It took just 2 weeks to walk up and down to see the many tributes to so many people, from the likes of James Dean to Marilyn Monroe, to famous Mexican poets and writers.


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