Las Vegas – What Happens in Las Vegas, Stays in Las Vegas…

Well, okay, true to a degree.  Yet. let me clarify this misnomer.  In the case of The National Writing Project, NCTE itself, and the ALAN Conference (ALAN stands for The Assembly on Literature for Adolescents of the National Conference of English Teachers) – if this info were to stay in Las Vegas, wow, there would be many losses all way around.

As I finish my next to last semester of taking two courses towards my Master of Education in School Library and Information Technologies from Mansfield University (ohmygosh, what a SEMESTER this has been!) – I realize, I learn so much by taking what I learn, and applying in and outside of the classroom.  The connections we make every day depend on how we let students reach out of the classroom. You can do this while sick in bed I have realized, and this is what matters, being able to carry on when you are physically there, and when you are not physically there, both count if you are using technology, and the resources available wisely.  This is what separates a teacher from an educator, and it is amazing to see students take off on this when excited and motivated.  It also recharges you back as a educator.

Below are some clips from Las Vegas and I am adding a bunch to facebook so you can see some awesome views.  🙂

The next few posts will be educated related, and attached is a cool way to tie together Young Adult Lit and the social media we have at our disposal using the Understanding by Design format.   Brake_7_20_UnitTemplate_5535.doc

And believe or not of course in Las Vegas, there wpuld be a cafe/bar that resembles something people celebrate with Day of the Dead, I still was stunned this place does…

2012-11-21 03.55.07

2012-11-21 03.56.27

2012-11-21 03.55.47

and of course Las Vegas views….

2012-11-18 18.05.14 2012-11-18 18.14.12

2012-11-20 00.46.51

and of course, seeing Ken Robinson, Sherman Alexie, Nicholas Sparks, and Lemony Snicket – priceless, among the other 30 authors I met, it was a dream come true….below, Mr Snicket spinning an hysterical tale…

2012-11-16 16.38.49

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