Karaoke from Hades, Ode to Being sick

Burning feet through your socks, waking up in a pool of sweat, changing sheets every night for three/four nights due to sweat – pure sweat then shaking to chills to the morning, eyes swollen, migraines that rock, ears that ache and feel they are being drilled in, trying to walk and it feels like you are in a fun house, and the worst, maybe the WORST – coughing until you are sideways over a sink hoping it just pours out so you will STOP COUGHING dog gone it!


…this has been my experience since Saturday, and many others that have travelled down my path – so I call it the Ode to Being Sick… Now looking at Thursday, I see one major accomplishment, my fever disappears, then comes back, but it does disappear, my breathing comes in patches of clearness over the last few days, so there is hope, and I do not have to change the sheets every day now, no sweat bombs, so again, progress, but amid all this, is a laughable moment worth sharing, karaoke….yes, karaoke…

In the beginning of this seemingly plague on my body Sunday night, I heard it.  Actually all of Roma Norte heard it.  Maybe you hard it too, Karaoke party at someone’s house, I could hear the changes in songs, the various awful voices and often heard the good, the bad, and of course the ugly.  Wow, when you can hear the song behind the voice then the voice apart more, this is, is this Karaoke?  Thing is I needed to sleep desperately, so I closed the windows.  Awesome, now I could only heard the hum, the volume of the karaoke was at supersonic level so the whole neighborhood could “enjoy”.  I can discern the singles, the duets, and honestly, one man I thought WAS the Karaoke show, he was THAT good – I also heard the applause and the crowds on that one, he earned it.  So out of the show so far, I heard one single guy out of say 15 so far that wowed even me, a sick listener, and the crowds into a frenzy.  Then there was that duet, I honestly think it was the same guy and a good singer, but they rocked as well.  Then…

Krystal.  I call her Krystal because I could hear her crystal clear.  She certainly was cute at first, like the first 15 seconds, then her “cute, she is someone’s daughter” karaoke personality ran thin as it went on – and on – she went on into around I would say 2 – maybe 3:00 in the morning?  I kid you not, I was the lone member that stayed with her no matter what – oh trust me, main bed room, guest bedroom 1,  guest bedroom 2, the bathroom with the door closed, it did not matter SHE WAS EVERYWHERE.   You know when you hear something so much it starts to wear away?  Nada.  I do not remember a single song she sang, except that it sang their track, and she sang hers, kind of like Punky Brewster on Sudafed, too young, and too powerful.  🙂  So, while not a great way to spend the day, at least I had accompaniment, when she stopped, I promise you, I thought I heard the Hallelujah chorus from the neighbors below.

I can’t stand medicine, but being on three different types, would have helped this first day,  but alas, the medicine I received from the visiting doctor three days later just was the reward for putting up with the Roma Norte show.  The Doctor did say a wave of this was going around, it certainly must be, I originally had a 48 hour bed rest, but then with a second visit was written a 2 week pass to stay home, soooo, if you are out there, drink water, Vitamin C, tons of healthy food, and less of the starchy, sugary, fatty food to prevent a weak immune system, I’m up to 2 litres a day of water, and eventually, it will level out.

Next post WILL be about those figures from Day of the Dead – I just had to spend some time getting the terminology right  🙂  Peace, as the holidays draw near! (Be careful with your karaoke choices, or at least, the volume.

P.S.  If I was to do an Ode to those Sick, then those sick know this one, Ode to Friends that contact you.  Seriously, you know the ones, there are those that out of the blue, contact you as first wind of you being sick the very first day, and immediately go out of their way to want to do anything, and they do so much, but they don’t stop, they keep sending emails, checking up on you, asking what can be done, they do the littlest things, and the biggest things, and act like it is nothing – they are worth their kettle of chicken noodle soup.  (AND MORE).  Then you have the band wagoners, those that will hear after a few days, from others, THEN you get this strange email, straggler email, saying, “Heeey, heard you were sick – how you doing…”  Honestly, ?  If you were sick for this many days, not at work, and this person just noticed now, do you think healthy is at the top of the list?  So an Ode to those that take that extra measure to show they are there, even when they are not there, this more than sleep, a certain vitamin, a certain way to sleep, a certain tea, this is a HUGE factor in the coming back to wellness side of life that deserves a HUGE thank you for thinking of the smallest, and the biggest things that can be done,  🙂


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1 Response to Karaoke from Hades, Ode to Being sick

  1. Liz says:

    your karoke description cracked me up. here in LOUD Condesa we are surrounded by late-night thunka-thunka parties and fighting neighbors almost daily (looking to move as a result) so I can relate!!! hope you feel better soon…. Liz

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