“I skate towards where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.” Gretzksy

I have to say, every three days I am inspired, I mean, INSPIRED.  Of all the greatest gifts I can be given, is there one that is more invaluable, priceless, or more exciting?  Say what you will, but the best gift that I ever received from my father and my mother has been that of CREATIVITY.  I am able to just think of ideas, and then I am surrounded by so many great people, I say, “Why not?” and these ideas, these projects, these “What if’s” come to a reality.  It is a true compliment when people say to me, “I don’t know how you do it!” and I smile but in one second I realize, (and hope they do too) this is not a compliment I can accept.  This is a compliment that the students and colleagues that jump at the risk of doing something that has never been done before, doing it, standing back, smiling, aware that they were a part of something that had never been done before, maybe something similar, but never the same. This is what makes life exciting, different, challenging, and just a new day, every day. A few example are necessary I am thinking?

1- Taking on and embarking on recapturing the essence of 911 interviews and photos that have been taken, and utilized, since over 5 years ago to present day, we will be putting together the actions of students that started this project in Delaware, specifically Seaford High School, Delaware, now involving Mexico City, and other students further out than us in a cooperative package available for the public, this is exciting…

2- It has been a YEAR – let me say again, a YEAR of working through technology and teaching/educational modules through NCTE’s 21st Century Pathways – and I turned my last analysis of projects, podcasts, resources in this morning.  A YEAR.  Leslie Froeschl, who was my constant mentor and fix it up-er the whole time in this process, became a part of me during this last year of training, eduction, and technology ideas every single month.  Re energizing was easy, ideas came easier, as we both worked together and I came away with a storing house of projects to enhance my projects, but also the projects and goals to come.  A MAJOR accomplishment as my focus now turns to attending NCTE and presenting in November, becoming an Apple Distinguished Educator, participating in the Flat Classroom Certification, as well as ultimately graduating with my second Master’s from Mansfield next year, (AMAZING professors such as Jane Fenn and Jean Tuzinski currently!) that are on the cutting edge of technology, literacy and eduction) in The School Library and Information Technologies Program – and then yes, working on my Marine Biology Degree to ultimately have me retirement be something magical.

Every time I log onto my Apple, I see the video in commemoration of Steve Jobs.   I am amazed at what he did and what ideas he just said, it will be reality.  His Wayne Gretzsky quote is amazing. Yet, I have to say.  How lucky I am to not have to have a company to be the cause or motivation the crazy and wild ideas we come with when I am among students, and I am more proud that we can promote these ideas, projects, as individuals and make them become a reality – and yes Steve Jobs is just one sort of motivation.  But in life, as anything, there are distractions, alternatives, always possibilities that can lead you off track here, there… but the truest motivation still that keeps me on track, the one legacy I hope I would leave behind, is to take on things other people thought not possible, and somehow, pull it off.  I have been able to do whatever comes in my strange little head of mine, the ideas just out there, thanks to the amazing students that have said, “What the heck!” and thrown caution to the wind and dared to take to take a risk.  I can get certified for everything in the world that is offered, but ultimately, the best training I have received has been the time I have sat down with students and simply said, “What if that is possible, what do others think and if they think it is not possible, how can we do exactly THAT?”

Wayne Gretzsky was one of many that said it in a nutshell.  I just hope I get to crack that nutshell open and see what is inside, and make it grow into something amazing with the awesome people that surround me.


About Harry Brake

Employee of Woodbridge High School, Library Media Specialist, Media crazy! :)
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2 Responses to “I skate towards where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.” Gretzksy

  1. Forristyna Walker says:

    Hi Harry, Please send me your email address, contact info. My computer was down and I lost some info except for what I could retrieve from carbonite. Thanx. Tyna

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