Open Mic Night at Condesa material….

“Version of…I don’t know and things I get frustrated at but…glad for afterwards…”

What version of old will I be?

Old – before my time old – inside and out?

Old but “cool” old- air in the hair (yes HAIR),

cool convertible old but fun?

“Critical of”old in attitude and young in vigor…

…yet the same myself —

I want to be old and bring class to the classification

letting the young in – forever.

Waking up – refreshed, oblivious to obstructions –

ready to RUN – walk – do anything


to the days of S L I D I N G into bed – A Narnia from

obstacles and tasks of the day –

yet these are the days that allow me to relish zooming days

– zooming past obstacles and tasks, and things, things to cover

even the calmest day provides a rollercoaster of unexpecteds –

allows me no room for boring – plenty of room for frustration and untilled

possibilities – this makes the day even brighter, even more possible.

I wonder at old age – those that have fallen into my daily life along the way –

Walking some days and the reality of their presence almost bursts my emotions into

tears without warning – Why so strong out of where? all of a sudden?

I find there are volumes, yes, versions of me I still have to discover

I still don’t know, can’t explain, but I cling to memories that fill me up like a

64 oz bottle of JOLT- faces- laughs – experiences – moments –

“Give unto others as you’d have done to yourself…”

I’m happy for the saddest moments and sad for the happiest moments to end-

what kind of version of old will I yet be?


The crinkle of leaves parachuting to the secluded street corner

frisbees sharing secrets along the way

feathers brushing against a canvas of wind

roots shoveling the ground like a machine

clouds pushing the sky back

ink sliding down to make a point

s stare screaming in a fearful moment

fireflies sliding against the darkened night

whiskers pointing to the unreachable object

water struggling with the moment of solitude

smiles slashing, crashing the silence

tears shattering the memory

silence dividing a life

thoughts – worth more than

a thousands words

and a picture.

Wow – now 12:25 and what an OPEN MIC NIGHT!  WOW!  Meeting Peter from Australia, seeing Obi reading sophisticated prose, Mr Hamilton, Ms Gallie, and Mr Brake participating in Mr Hamilton’s PLAY script! – Jack, Louis, and also friends leaving Mexico, friends returning to Mexico, people prompted to come up and read based on the energy and excitement of others, VFW Mic Night was AWESOME – and we hung out to hear the music afterwards with the band that came in – W O  W! – I knew there was a reason I came here…


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